Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Non-Foodie Friday

I just don't have it in me, maybe after the holidays, but I appreciate those of you still doing it and still read all your recipes.

I am home today-Special Ed was okay yesterday-grades 1-4 ADD. As soon as I got to the class, the phone rang and they asked me to work today-I didn't even ask what class or anything, just said "no". Makes me a crappy employee, but in all fairness, I am sick, I did work all week, except for the day Elena was sick (even though sick day home with a child is considered work to me) and I really needed to catch up a little, have some quiet time, because I wanted it.

I have a few more projects I have to get done for Christmas, but my anal retentive self won't allow me to work on two things at once-so I either have to figure out how much longer I will work on what I am working on or decide to put it aside for a day and make the other item(s) in their entirety. Yes, the whole anal retentiveness sucks sometimes.

We have to finish Christmas shopping and have to wrap. Elena also begged me to make chocolate covered pretzels for her school party on Thursday and, you guessed it, I don't have any of the ingredients and the chocolate has to be picked up at Michaels or AC Moore, which are completely the opposite direction of where I have been going lately and time constraints have made it impossible to get there. Wednesday at school, her class is having a pajama party/movie day-wear PJ's to school, watch a movie (don't know which one) and then do stuff the rest of the day around the movie. That's the same day as Elena's school birthday party, so we're bringing pizza in sometime in the afternoon for the class-should be a fun and memorable class party for Elena.

Last night Elena set up her tooth for the Tooth Fairy to come. She refuses to put it under the pillow because it freaks her out that the tooth fairy might touch her (don't ask). Anyway, she puts it in a container (we lost and/or can't find her tooth fairy box) on her nightstand. Just as she's getting in bed she tells me that one of the girls in her class lost a tooth on Wednesday and the Tooth Fairy left her $5 and Elena hopes she gets the same since they lost a tooth so close together. Well, I usually only give $2 per tooth (which is a big step up from the quarter I used to get). Yes, I have heard some kids get $10 and even one kid received a $100 bill for each tooth (his mother was 35 and his father was 70 when he was born and somehow his father thought $100 was a good deal)-anyway, I had a ten on me and some ones-two ones to be exact. I mentioned to Mike, not in a keeping up with the Joneses sort of way, but because the Tooth Fairy was just at Veronica's and left $5 and the next night would be at Elena's and only left $2? Elena would over think that one. Anyway, on my nightstand, under some jewelry tossed in a little Lenox bowl, were 3 Sacajawewa dollar coins, so I snuck them in the container, with 2 one dollar bills, and took the tooth. Elena work up this AM and was enthralled! Gold coins! What were these things? (I had to deal with a $2 bill two weeks ago and a million questions about $200 dollar bills, etc). I explained they were dollar coins that weren't being made any longer (are they?) and how neat they were. She started babbling about how she never received a coin for a tooth before (damn spoiled kids) and I explained how cool it was and how just Tuesday, on that sick day she took, we watched an episode of "Charlie and Lola" (British cartoon for kids) where Lola lost a tooth and was left a coin-just like Elena-that made it all click for her. Anyway, she took one of the coins into school because it was "the most fascinating coin she had ever seen". I have a few Susan B.'s lying around too-for the next time. Who would have thought that would have excited her so much?

I have to go out and get cold medicine, but don't feel like leaving the house. My mother, who is always prepared, buys all cold remedies, cough syrups, etc in September to have on hand. Never mind that the drugstore is literally 2 miles away-it's all there. Anyway, I don't (shocked, aren't you) and yesterday I realized I had a cabinet area with many bottles of different children's cold remedies that had expired and were never opened, kids Tylenol, kids liquid Tylenol, Nighttime cold medicine for adults and that was it. I usually don't take the nighttime medicine, but should have last night because I woke up about a gazillion times because I couldn't breathe through my nose. I usually won't take cold meds, tend to slog through, but this time I need the decongestant/headache part of it. Damn viruses!

I have bored you enough for today-until later.


Kari said...

thanks for the reminder for the foodie friday I totally let it slip my mind but it's up now.
I got a nickle if anything when I lost a tooth.
hope you feel better

Sheila said...

Actually yesterday, I ran around with a coworker, whose daughter is participating in a pajama party and a ghost party at her school... ohh I remember those days... it was really fun and purchased the outfit for Anise's ghost party... while her mom scouted for slippers for the pj party. Tooth fairy tuition is getting I guess I was lucky my daughter lost only 2 teeth and that cost us only $2.00, but it caught up with us in the end.. she had to have the others extracted... too old to be walking around with baby teeth that should have fallen out to make room for the new ones... Feel better.

stacey said...

I got quarters for teeth mostly, except when I had to have two molars pulled, the ones where the permanent ones don't come in till you're about 12? And after that ordeal the tooth fairy must have felt bad for me ;-p 'cause I got a few bucks each for those.

Dollar coins--I read in the paper that they've given up on the Sacagawea dollars but they're going to introduce another dollar coin at some point. It'll have a former President on it & they plan to change who's on it periodically. I think the article said the first ones will have Washington on them.

Andy's Crafts said...

In the hispanic-american culture we don't have a tooth fairy but a tooth mouse. The rest of the story is the same, put it under your pillow and you get money, woohoo! If you ever seen Topo Gigio, that is what it must look like, but it leaves you money as well.

That was a great story thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

I love how you have to continually try to outwit her. Too funny.

Deneen said...

Andy-I was explaining to Elena about Topo Gigio and she was listening intently, but when the story was finished, she then told me how I would probably prefer a fairy coming to the house versus a mouse in the house-she's right (LOL). I did tell her to ask a few of her classmates (she has a pretty diverse class) about Topo though.

Wendy-that's what keeps me going (LOL). Sometimes my daughter is too smart for her own good and I try to keep one step ahead of her thought process-sometimes I can and sometimes, I can't.

Donna said...

When I lost mine, I remember getting a quarter for them, I might consider sending you one of my permanent teeth for what you're paying (ha!).

KnitXcorE said...

Elena is a riot!

Anonymous said...

I am from the quarter for a tooth generation. I can't believe inflation has gone up soo much. One night when I was watching tibult he lost his tooth and he didn't think that the toothfairy would remember to wait for mom and dad to come home the next night. So he got what was in my purse..... A best buy gift card taht had like 4 bucks left on it. LOl!

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