Wednesday, November 29, 2006

To Appease The Masses

Thanks for all your responses to my yarn question. To appease the masses, I have decided to go with TLC Cotton Plus-I had enough in Black, Salsa and ordered some deep tan today from Joann (free shipping ends today). Even if I decide to go up a size, I'll have enough. I only had to order three skeins, so it's still a cheap project (I never count the stuff I have on hand as costing anything cause it's just sitting there).

Anyway, to answer pattern questions. This is a pattern in the Better Homes and Gardens Simply Creative Crochet winter edition-just came out in the past month and should be out a few months. I picked it up, at all places, in my local drugstore. It has several cute sweater patterns, but the Doris Chan was the clincher for me. Rarely, if ever, do I make anything from a magazine pattern, although I buy them and whine about "how there is nothing to make" in most of them-the sweater kept calling me, a lot-to the point I sat down with a calculator, figured out yarn substitutions, etc. And Wendy, it uses an I hook.

Also, a pic of the shawl WIP for my mom:

A pic of the Patons yarn I picked up in Bermuda to make a shrug for Elena-remember she's going to be 7 and loves bright colors:

While shopping at Joann, I also picked up a skein of the yarn for my Aunt's hat:
Patons Decor-75% acrylic and 25% wool-it was the suggested yarn-it takes one skein and I chose Rich Aubergine as my color choice.

Well, I still haven't found that damn 2 1/2 lb cone of wool-baffles me and I spent a day ripping a room apart, searching upstairs and every weird place I could think of and nothing. It'll show up.

Busy day today-Kids Writing Program, errands, laundry, cleaning and Brownies tonight. I want to finish the shawl today too.


Jessica said...

I'm glad you've found something you're happy with - that's all that matters.

Good luck finding that cone!

Kari said...

Maybe your cone of wool is where my patience is? I cannot seem to find it lately.

Good choices on yarns.

Lucy said...

The colors in that shawl are so pretty!!!!! Great job!

GinaLaughed said...

Thanks for the free shipping reminder! Got my order in. Your mom's shawl is soooo pretty! Elena's shrug is going to be so fun! My 13yodd (who used to be an only too, until about 3 yrs ago) would absolutely love a shrug in those colors. I don't know if they ever outgrow fun colors like that.

Mimi said...

The shawl looks elegant!
The patons yarn for Elena's shrug would look really cute!

Priscilla said...

I like the way the color came out on the shawl.
Elana will look so cute in the bright colored shrug.

Faye said...

Can I have a brownie?
The shawl is beautiful and I love the yarn for Elena's shrug.

Bron said...

Glad you decided on the yarn for your sweater. That pattern caught my eye when I was flipping through the magazine at B&N. I can't wait to see yours in progress.

Elena's shrug will be awesome in that yarn and your Mom's shawl is coming along nicely. I love those colors. :)

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