Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WIP Wednesday

Nada-okay I am almost done my dishcloths. I really overthought these because the person I am sending too is pretty talented in both crocheting and knitting and I don't want to look like a flop-overthinking with me generally makes things NOT turn out like I wanted. Maybe I'm just neurotic lately.

I am doing the mommy volunteer thing at the school today, in 1/2 hour in fact. Elena was super excited about it today, which is good, because when I brought it up to her she was kinda lukewarm about it. Maybe because other mom's are coming in and helping out also. I need to get the other room mother's numbers so I can call them about the "Fall Festival" next Friday. Yes, they won't call it a Halloween party as not to infer they celebrate Halloween, but they are having a costumed dress up Halloween parade before the festival-go figure that out. Elena has school pictures today and I begged her to please push her glasses up (she loves wearing them like an old lady, pushed down on her nose) and to please, please have Ms Gallagher make sure her hair is all right. She told me if I came in before the pics, I could fix it, but if they were already taken when I got there, her hair would fix itself on it's own-so I guess that took care of that.

I heard from Jaye-thank goodness. She worries me sometimes, and yes, I know she posted the other day, but I think that was after I sent her a barrage of "hey, are you okay?-hey, answer me dammit" emails. She's slowly improving, or else is lying about it ;P

BTW, Jessica is opening an etsy store soon-Monkey Sew, Monkey Do. She is going to be making handsewn book covers, some cool fabric dog collars and she also has the greatest little freezer paper transfer onesies. I am also sure she'll be adding other cool things. Go look at the pics of what is being offered , scroll down and she has a link to her flikr pics. I already ordered the brown print book cover from her, but she'll have others. She makes such cool, unique things-go, what are you still doing here?

Also a big shout out to Amy on her design. This design was the recent full page ad Blue Sky Alpacas had in the recent issue of "Interweave Crochet". I was lucky enough to test this pattern for her and it is terrific, easily adjustable size wise (I made mine for a slightly more busty woman and a bit longer), done using the "modular crochet" method-terrific pattern, can't say enough about it. Amy's patterns are all so well written, so easy to follow, a beginner could easily make any of her patterns, yet the finished item always looks like a million bucks-looks like expert work, seriously. Yes, as she states, she about "drape, drape, drape" and even about "wow, that doesn't look crocheted" because lots of people perceive crochet as something their granny might do and we all know it's not like that at all. Nothing wrong with crocheted items, but this isn't granny square stuff-very hip, very cool, wearable stuff. She is also the designer of the Sweet that the CAL is for at Crochet Me! (I am starting this weekend-one for me-I am!). I think we'll be seeing a lot more designs coming out from her soon-keep an eye out.

Okay, off to put make up on (can't embarass my baby now can I?-especially since she told me Josh's mom was prettier then I was-harrumph I say, although she's probably 15 years younger-sigh)

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Jessica said...

Hey, thanks for the plug, Deneen! I should hopefully have the shop stocked up by the end of the week.

Have fun with the kiddies! I'm sure that Elena will like having you there, now that you're not marking her out as different. :)

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