Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Quick Post

Trick or Treating tonight and my desktop Weather Channel thing says it's 75 here today. Tonight, possibility of rain, but not til late, but a low of only 57-good Trick or Treating weather. We're going with the kids down the street to a neighboring town that has sidewalks, etc. It's too rural here to trick or treat-you have to strap your child in their seat at each house and drive to the next house. I always leave candy out in a big bowl, just in case and last year only about 25% was taken, 50% the year before. Yes, it could be one kid taking it all, but I still leave it out anyway. So different around here from when I was a kid and we gave out candy.

Elena also announced she is so done the Princess thing and want to go Goth next year. She knew what it was, how I don't know, but whatever. She also informed me I can't make a costume, she needs a cool goth dress. I don't know where she gets her ideas sometimes. She was also looking around the house for items to add to a bug hut at school and when I suggested something, I was informed "I need something impressive and that isn't doing it-I need my creativity to flow"-again, don't know where that came from, but I swear the soul of an old woman in side of her.

Gotta run, I just got home and have to get to the bus stop in 5 minutes.

To all those who celebrate: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Jessica said...

Thrilled to hear you enjoyed the job! Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your day at work went well. I see much yarn in your future.
I hope you and Elena have a ball tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love, the I have to get my creativity to flow comment! That is GREAT! made my day at least.

Tandi said...

Happy Trick or Treating! Hope to see Elena's costume pics!
Glad you are liking work!

Kari said...

Glad your day went well

Jewels said...

omg I'm so behind but catching up on you in date order. Just had to laugh at Miss Goth Creative's antics again. haha

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