Friday, October 20, 2006

One Little Pumpkin

Yep, this is what I accomplished the past three days (well, I started Wednesday night and didn't crochet at all yesterday, but finished it this AM)-One Little Pumpkin-but he's so darn cute!

I keep singing the Ten Little Pumpkins song in my head now too.

Anyway, It's Wendy's Basic Pumpkin pattern, but (and there always is one), I did the stem differently, stuffed the little stem part and sewed it on.

I also have to admit-I like the Red Heart Soft Yarn-which I what I used for this project. It's soft and fuzzy-however, I don't know if I would make clothing for Elena from it because I have a feeling it'll pill a bit-I don't know, but heck it's super soft. Since I won't be washing my stuffed pumpkin, no fears there.

Anyway, H hook Red Heart Soft Yarn in Tangerine and Leaf-scant amount of the leaf. I can probably get 4 pumpkins or so from the one skein of Tangerine.

And no, I haven't lined the Fat Bottom yet or any of the bags yet-I am half tempted to not line the Fat Bottom done in the LB Suede-sigh, just not in the mood for it, but want to get it done (the bag itself)-crap, I hate these dilemmas.


noricum said...

Adorable pumpkin!

Wendy said...

Cute pumpkin! Love the curly Q leaf. :)

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! That's just so cute!!!

Priscilla said...

Nine more pumpkins to go.
The only reason I am going to line my purse is I want inside pockets.

Cindy said...

Deneen, I love the little pumpkin! You know you could use this as a pin cushion as well.

Too cute!!!

Marvie said...

Awww that's too flippin' cute!

Vera said...

The pumpkin is just so cute!

Sheila said...

Just too cute.

Jewels said...

That is a cute little pumpkin!! Oh what a great idea for the FBB-using the LB suede!!

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