Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not much progress

I started another pair of wrist warmers using the Filatura Andrea sent me-half done (yes, I know, fast project-but I didn't start til about 10 last night.

No pumpkin progress.

Plan to start the something later today, just don't know what.

Big Lots! had nothing I was interested in yarn wise. I did pick up some glass beads though.

I have to get to Target sometime this week-Michaels is right next door, hmmmmm, I will try to resist.

I Have to start the soap-capital on the Have.

I ordered some yarn off of Stick Chick last night. I still haven't dyed the two hanks of kid mohair or the Duo tone merino I bought last summer from her. I am excited about the duo tone because I plan to use the Jacquard for it-since it's two ply and one strand is darker then the other, I will use one color and see how the two tone effect comes out. I had ordered 8 ounces of that, so it should be enough for a bag. This time I ordered the Superwash Merino in DK/light worsted weight. Yes, for more wrist warmers/fingerless gloves. I need a million of these, all over the house.

Well, I'm off, tons to do, not much time to get it done. I forgot I had the writing program tomorrow (yes, it's a weekly thing and I still forgot) and then Friday is the Fall Festival at the school-I have to get apples ready (with caramel dip) and get there early, dress the kids for the parade and then set up the party. Should be fun, just chews up half a day. I still haven't gotten called into work-strange considering I was told at least 2 times a week, but they have only had a few subs so far this year, when I was away and I was also told, by teachers, they start taking time off around the holidays. It's funny because I am actually so busy, I don't want to get called in, but by the same token, would like the money.


Kari said...

I am sure you will be getting called in to sub alot once cold and flu season hits.

Anonymous said...

I love stick chick!!!! That is who I got my sock yarn from. And I am going to order the yarn for the clogs from.


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