Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mail Fun

I know, I already did enough posts today to last me at least a week, but when I get mail goodies in the mail, I wanna make sure the people who sent them know how much I appreciate them, so:

Andrea-thank you-my prize for a blog contest she had-will be made into these tonight.

Stacey-the mostest beautiful beaded doily ever. So delicate-you do rule with the #30 and steel hooks woman. It's in my curio cabinet one one of the glass shelves. Beautiful.

Elena even got a little surprise package today and exclaimed "Oh yum, sugar and candy-just what I love"-she loved the stickers and the homemade card with her name on it too.


Cindy said...

Love your goodies. Yes, you have been a posting fiend today. The doily is beautiful.

Mimi said...

Pretty doily!
And lovely pics of Elena there...

noricum said...

I hope you enjoy the yarn. :)

Faith said...

That doily is gorgeous!!

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