Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just one minute....

Ugh-yesterday was kinda awful. Elena had off and we had a couple friends over in the afternoon-chaos ensued-okay, I can live with that, but Mike came home early to screaming kids, took one look at me and went into the garage. The kids went home, I cleaned up and just as I was putting the last dish in the dishrack (5:00 PM)-the power went out. We had some winds yesterday and, as usual, it knocked our transformer out. The last time was only about 2 months ago and lasted over a day-so...I called the electric company, no clue as to when it would be back on. It also got a bit nippy here yesterday. By 8:00 PM and the electric company saying "we have no clue when it'll get fixed", we ended up staying at my mother's (if it had just been Mike and I, I would have stayed here, but Elena is freaked out by how dark it is around here without electricity and it is kind of creepy). Anyway, the power was restored this AM, we came home, but Mike has a political fundraiser later this afternoon and I am the cheese cutter (no jokes please, Elena keeps winking and asking me about farting) and the food arranger for the party. I have to get everything done by 2:00 PM and it's now 11:30 and I am just starting. I guess getting a shower is going to be out of the question (ewww, I know-I did shower last night, but I would still have liked one before the party).

As you guessed, things are hectic. I came home to 46 emails and only 5 were spam-so to everyone who emailed me, I promise to get back to you by tomorrow night-just a bit hairy here, but it'll be fine.

Have a nice day!


Jessica said...

Oh blech!

I know how you feel, though. We live in an old neighborhood and if the wind blows, we lose power. That's why we have battery-powered lanterns and a gas fireplace - got them after the ice storm a couple years ago. Didn't want to have to depend on the in-laws. :)

Good luck getting back to normal & enjoy cutting the cheese. ;-)

Kari said...

just take a deep breathe get your business done, the internet can wait hun.

and omg I am dying over you being the cheese cutter.

Kathy said...

I'm proud to be a friend of the Head Cheese cutter! And it's better than being the Headcheese Cutter anyday.

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