Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First Batch Done

Okay, it's in the mold and tomorrow I will unmold it and then slice it about 8 hours later. I decided to try a new added ingredient to make it creamier-I also think, because this was "fresh" soap and not cured a long time before milling, it will be ready for sale in about 3 weeks. According to all the sources I have been pouring over, 2 weeks on the fresh milled is enough, but I have to go three weeks cure time, that's what my gut is telling me.

Raspberry-Patchouli is the first scent made. I am planning cucumber (one of my fav's-no not cucumber melon, just cucumber), but I think tomorrow it'll be another scent-just haven't figured it out yet.

Mike is working super late tonight, won't be home til after 10-Chicken tenders for dinner tonight-Elena's fav.

The school writing program went great today, I stayed an extra hour and had a ball. Everything is set for the Halloween party at school on Friday-I just need to core and slice the apples and we'll be set. Several moms called and offered to help, which is such a change from last year.

Good day, lots accomplished and yes, a few more signs were stolen-sigh, it can't all be good now can it?


Regina said...

OOOooh raspberry-patchouli that sounds like fun! I have never done soap, I may have enough skill to do a melt and pour type, but I highly doubt I would be able to pull off a milled and cured soap. Be sure to let us all know when the 3 weeks is up! :o)

Anonymous said...

Will you set me back a bar or two of the cucumber... I love that sent... so light and clean... and none of that sweet mellon crap with it. I would be in heaven!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you were quite productive!

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