Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't Cha Hate That

You know when you oversleep and then the first hour of the morning is so hectic, trying to get everything done and everyone out by a certain time-ugh. It's raining here too. I know some like the rain, like a comfortable blanket, but I don't-It makes me feel cold and damp and dreary.

Okay, I still haven't lined the Fat Bottom, but will piece it out today-maybe not sew it, but get it set up, okay probably. I made that new Lion Washcloth yesterday-I had to cut the number of rows (because it makes a really big cloth) and personally, wasn't crazy about the asymmetrical look. I saw it, wanted to try it and did. I used two colors, kiwi green and burgundy. I still wanna make another cloth for my dishcloth swap partner-haven't decided which yet or even the colors. Yes, the simple decision about a dishcloth is bugging me-it ain't easy being me!

I haven't worked on Elena's ghan since we got back from Bermuda.

So what am I doing? Well, you see, I received the info last night about Debbie Stoller's new SNB Book, Men's patterns-knit and crochet and I have been working on an actual pattern to submit. This is a big deal to me and I'm working on it.

I joined the CGOA last night-haven't received my membership ID yet, so I haven't peeked around, but I joined. I kept saying for the past two years I would join and finally did. There isn't any CGOA group around here, but maybe, after the holidays, I can try and start one. Yes, I am always full of such bright ideas.

Kari commented on my blog yesterday, so I assume her and Elizabeth are back from Yarn School and I can't wait to hear all the details (hint-hint).

Well, while my creative juices are flowing, I better get off of here and get to work. Tomorrow I have the volunteer mommy thing at the Kid's Writing, so I should take advantage of my quiet time and uninterrupted time now, no?


Kari said...

I hate oversleeping
I commented this morning and yes, we did make it back, more details when I have a chance. I twas great though

Anonymous said...

Whoa, my mind is in the gutter this morning! I jus read "Lion Washcloth" as LOIN CLOTH.

Jessica said...

Isn't it impressive how one break in routine can throw things off?

I secretly love rain on weekday mornings for one very selfish reason: we don't walk the dogs and I get to sleep in. Kaylee loathes water and she absolutely refuses to let it touch her if not forced, so no walks on rain mornings. And an extra forty minutes of sleep for me. :) On a weekend, though I usually would rather not see it rain!

Wendy said...

Have fun designing a pattern for the book! Sounds interesting!

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