Saturday, October 28, 2006

CPAD Calendar-2007-Edited Corrections

Edited: Mistakes happen, which is why they have errata sheets. Eliany, I agree, the 2007 had some issues this year because Annie Modesitt had gotten sick and people were brought in as editors last minute. I know patterns were read through and scanned for accuracy because I received a phone call about one of mine the Friday before the Monday publication. My blog addy is on my patterns and if there are errors, I will hear about them from people doing the patterns, so I want to make sure the corrections are on my blog sidebar, but I also want to make sure a correction/errata sheet is being done. Desiree got back to me almost immediately with a question, which I clarified and hopefully I'll have more answers later today. I think this years version surpassed last years in originality and am excited about it, but do hope an errata sheet is made up. Last year they had a correction sheet which had one correction on it-which I doubt only one error was in the entire calendar. I didn't post this to discourage people from purchasing the calendar, just wanted to point out some errors I found.


naomi said...

I already have the calendar and I agree that originality is unbelievable. However, I haven't made anything from it yet. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be checking the Accord site for some corrections.

Kel said...

No worries, I am still excited to get it and I am very glad that you have pointed out the errors you found so far. I will go into patterns knowing that if I am totally stuck or am having huge problem that a maybe it is an error and not my craftsmenship.

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