Sunday, October 08, 2006


I am reading my back bloglines, I swear. 250 in all. I can't comment on that many, I am so sorry-I can't take the word verification that many times in one day (LOL).

Anna-congrats on second place in your division.

Busy-exactly why I always said I would never hook up with anyone who had children. Your son will figure it all out, probably already has, just doesn't want to let you know he knows ;}.

Bron-look at you go-all those FO's and still time for shopping.

Kari-congrats on the wheel. The roving looks absolutely gorgeous. As for moving again, this too shall pass-reason for everything. Yarn school next weekend-Yay for you.

Elizabeth-I want the money machine you obviously have hidden in your basement and pronto.

Sara-congrats to your DD.

Nat-Time is what you needed-have fun.

Heather-thanks for answering about the sock question

Andrea-you have blogged entirely too much while I was gone-whew

Stacey (yarnification)-I felt your pain and it turned out great. I hate making ghans with a passion. I don't know how people can make so many, let alone actually photograph them so well either.

Kel-Happy Birthday to Caleb

Andy-have fun with your new toys

Madelyn-I go on vacation and you blog your butt off eh? Thanks for the link to Carol-I will be checking it out.

Anyone else I missed, I am sorry. I read, I did-just kinda overwhelming right now.


noricum said...

Me blog too much? And here I thought I was blogging less due to everything going on....

Ladyrunner said...

Thanks Deneen! :)

Whenever I get back from vacation, I think I need a vacation from the vacation and the catch-up.

Take the time you need to get back into the swing of life.

Kel said...

Thanks Deneen. Caleb's party was today and he had a blast with his friends and cousins. I, on the other hand, am exhausted after having 11 kids plus 17 adults in my small 850 square foot house. Interesting day to say the least.
Glad your vacation was nice.

Marvie said...

Hell, I never have caught up from everything I missed while I was away! Glad you're back =)

stacey said...

Thanks! :) I'm always in awe of folks who can churn out afghans left and right--it takes me so long, even though I don't think I crochet very slowly or anything.

busy91 said...

Welcome Back, Missed you so much! You are right about my son, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

lol@ money machine .. its called saving and investing.. and then enjoying the spoils .. remember i didnt spend any money for two years that was mine ..

Madelyn said...

I know the feeling Deneen. I just returned from Vegas and had to go right back to work, rough! Definitely check out Carol. That's the same place I got that roving from awhile back.

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