Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yarn or Gas? Yarn or Gas?

I was faced with that dilemma this morning and like the true freak I am, I chose yarn. I mentioned to Stacy that I never use credit to buy yarn-cash I have and I support my own habit. So basically, if I don't have the money, I don't get it-hence my crappy stash selection and why I have no Noro, Manos or any other scrumptious yarn in my stash. This isn't to say those who have them use credit, they probably have a job or something that pays them cash, hence they have the money. I am sure once I start working again, I will spend it as fast as it comes in. Anyway, to the yarn. I had that damn 50% off Joann Coupon that expires on Sunday. I decided that I was making Elena's teacher a shawl for Christmas and it had to be in the JA Sensations Boucle green-I checked my stash-6 balls of boucle (2 blue, one autumnal colors, one red, one plum and one black/white-no green). Her teacher as auburn hair-more on the side of red and I noticed each time I saw her, she had a shade of green on and I knew, it had to be green. I could have gotten away with the autumnal color or the red, but no, it had to be green. Joann is about a 30 mile round trip-I look at the gas gauge-less than 1/8 of a tank. Now, if I buy any gas, it cuts into my yarn money and I did have a Broomstick lace needle (yes, Kimberly) on my list and the website showed they carried a few sizes, I wanted some 13 mm or larger split rings and I hoped to fine the Interweave Crochet-I wasn't parting with the money for gas. I knew if the "gas light" came on, I would have 30 or so miles to go, at least that's what the manual said.

I went, the light came on about 5 miles into the ride. I still went. I realized I held my breath the entire ride there and ride home (yes, I made it, but I swear the car sighed as I pulled in the driveway. I was gripping the steering wheel so hard, my right hand went numb.

Anyway, I found the green boucle (last skein and if they had been out of it, I would have lost it-seriously). No split rings beyond 10 mm, of course. Broomstick Lace needle-hah, they had no clue what I was talking about, but did direct me, after I explained what it was, to a pair of crappy plastic knitting needles that looked big for $14.99-I passed. I ask where all the "new yarn" they supposedly were stocking was-another blank stare. Okay, I did find a fabric sample (on clearance for $0.50) in a heavy black suede like material-Liz Claiborne home and thought it would be perfect for my Sari Silk Bag-without having to cut it at all, it fits perfectly (yes, I figured in the 1/2" overlap for sewing it together)-so I was happy about that. No Interweave Crochet-but they did have the Fall edition of Family Circle Easy Crochet-40 patterns and a claim that all patterns are triple checked. I leafed through it and found stuff I liked-I had to grab it.

The patterns I loved-the Lacy Bolero pattern (no, I haven't seen Bernat Cool Crochet, but it can be substituted)-but it has to be seamed together. They did have a section on felting including a crochet bowl pattern (okay it's a bowl slipcover), felted pincushion pattern and a filet mesh pillow. There was even a crocheted sweater for men that was bobbles, post stitches and cables and looked kinda nice. Okay, now that I have studied it for this post, it's just okay-but it still gives me ideas to work with. This time around, instead of Lion yarn, they use a lot of Paton's, Bernat with a little Lily cotton thrown in. There was even a thing on making polymer clay buttons (which I want to do and actually HAVE the stuff I need). The true dud (IMHO), the Bernat Boa Triangle Shawl-enough of fun fur and the boa already-it's so done with.

Anyway, I made it home-hopefully will have the gas to get to the bus stop, but it's an easy walk if I don't, got my yarn, reaffirmed why I hate my Joann and now the day can go on.

Oooh, I did find for only $1 a kid's crochet set that had some yarn, a plastic tapestry needle and a cute Crystalite type crochet hook-purple with sparkles-but it had a purple flower on the end. Nice size for kids hand-Boye type head, but a bit more inline, so this may work well for Elena-about a J size. The age is 8+ and it was for two crocheted flower magnets. Called Yarn Mini's by Colorbok. Heck the darn crochet hook would cost more then the $1 (kids hooks cost more cause they're for kids, ya know)


Stacy said...

LMAO I can just see you driving down the road all white knuckled and tense. Yarn addiction is so much more serious that people think it is.

Lucy said...

A true yarn-a-holic! You go girl, I'm proud of you! Gas is too expensive anyway...who needs it? I got two good legs!!

Wendy said...

I have found good suppliers on ebay and when I have paypal funds I use that to buy yarn. Tony is mad at me for selling my yarn stash. I think it disturbs him more than the car accident.

DAWN said...

It really is a sickness, isn't it. Lucky for you, you made the right decision. As far as I'm concerned you did your part to conserve the environment today. Good for you. Many yarn karma points for you!!

Cindy said...

Yes, yarn always wins.

Jewels said...

You did great in your finds. I ust look for the FC mag here.

Vik said...

Hahaha! Deneen, you made me laugh! I would have done the same as you! ;)

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