Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vacation Countdown

I can now officially start the vacation countdown since it's now less then 7 days away. I cannot wait and am so looking forward to spending some nice, quiet time with my husband and with Elena. Cell phones won't work there and I won't have internet access. I'm sure it'll take me weeks to catch up on all the online stuff. I can buy internet time, but I haven't in the past-it's kind of weird not being online, but I stay busy enough that it doesn't bother me.

I plan to bring some cotton yarn and make some dishcloths for the Crochet Depot October Dishcloth Exchange, but that's about it for crocheting. I'm bringing a couple books and just chilling. Ironically, my husband's sister and her husband (who live in Massachusetts) will be in Bermuda the same time as us. I haven't seen them in a few years, so we'll meet up.

Unfortunately, I am also coming down with a cold. I rarely get colds, but of course, am getting one now. Sore throat for 3 days, congested, the works. Yes, I take daily allergy meds and it's not allergies. It's funny, I spent 4 hours in my daughter's school and probably caught something there. Hopefully it'll be gone by the trip-one can hope can't they?


Kelly said...

Sorry that you aren't feeling well. Seems like everyone is getting sick all of a sudden. I was thinking allergies till you mentioned at the bottom of your post that you know that isn't what it is. Have you tried that germ away stuff invented by a teacher. I forgot the name. It does work!

Woo hoo for vacation count down. We will all miss you. You'll have to post a post card. :)

Kari said...

If you can take some vitamin C. That will help. Also TRY to rest as much as possible to stock up on some energy and such. I know how much stress getting ready for trips can be don't want you wore out for your vacation!

Take care!

xxheatherxx said...

Vacation envokes auntie flo, the flu and always a cold in this house.... lol that is why I stay home!

Thanks for the help with the tags!!!

Bron said...

Your vacation sounds heavenly! Bummer about your cold, but at least you have a chance to get over it before the fun begins!

My niggling little sickness is definitely allergies, just not bad enough for me to go to the Dr.

Pam said...

Have a wonderful trip. Just make sure to tell the virus it's not allowed to leave the country (visa issues) and you should be fine ;)

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