Thursday, September 07, 2006

Update on Elena

Today was a much better day at school-Elena said they did some math, had recess, had gym, did some crafts, played a game-school rules once again.

On a side note, she used the school bathroom twice today. After a long, long discussion last night, I explained she didn't have to flush the toilet if she didn't want to. She announced that was "completely gross", but then admitted that was what was holding her back (she hates the noise and always did). Anyway, I discussed how not going could make you sick, etc and she decided to try and go since the bathroom was in the hall and not in the classroom and no one would really know if she didn't flush. Anyway, she had to go once while in the cafeteria and they sent an older girl in with her (she had no clue where the bathroom was near the cafeteria) and luckily (according to Elena), the older girl flushed for her, so she didn't have to. She then had to go during class and the teacher had her take another student and the teacher walked them to the bathroom and when they said they were all right, left to go back to class. Anyway, Elena had the other student flush for her also. She also announced that she was not locking the stall door because she heard someone got locked in there once last year. So yeah, she goes now, leaves the stall open and lets everyone see her "nakedness" (again, her words) and has somehow talked people into flushing for her. Only my least she went.

I have my interview at the school on Monday. It's silly to be nervous since I volunteer there anyway and know everyone who will be interviewing me, but I still am. It's been a long, long time since I had an interview. Before I had Elena, I had a medical transcription business and met with clients (I used to do some non-medical transcription as well) a lot, but it was in my office and I was comfortable. It's been over 16 years since I had a regular job interview and I am nervous. I feel "rusty" and out of touch with working on someone else's schedule. It'll be fine, but I have butterflies.


Natalie said...

I seriously LOL'ed thru this whole post. That girl is such a trip!

Ladyrunner said...

Glad to hear she's *going*. That's too funny having someone flush for her, but hey, whatever works!

Good luck at the interview. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Susana said...

Your daughter sounds like the cutest little girl.

I still have to make Marisa use the bathroom. She holds it 'til she has to run in there.

Jewels said...

Hey good luck on Monday interview! You'll do great.

Kari said...

We have the same issue with flushing toilets. The worst though are the automatic ones, he is terrified. and one day I was trying to convince him it wouldn't flush while he was going some lady pips up and says "Oh they do sometimes and it always scares me"... obviously someone who has no children.
I am am glad she is going though, and that she had a better day!

Sara said...

Good luck! I really enjoy the Elena stories!

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