Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesdays Thoughts

Today is one of those days that I have to hit the ground running.

I have an MRI scheduled for this AM (an open one), so I have a longish drive to get to the place. When I am done there, I'll stop at where my brother works to drop off a barbecue set-yes, I bought him a new gas grill for Christmas and gave it to him already because he'll be able to use it for several months and why keep it in the box until Christmas (okay, it's big too) and of course, Mike picked up the tool set last week-so. I'm still going to make them that SWS pillow (I think) and maybe pick up a few other things.

I may go to DMV and renew my license. It's due by the end of the month and now, in NJ and maybe all over the country, you need 6 points of ID. PITA I say. I have to bring a phone bill, marriage license, birth certificate, teaching certificate and my old license. At least I'm good for several years then. I may not go as I hate DMV and the long lines we have here, but it is kinda on the way back and I need it done by the end of the month.

I should then hit Borders for the new Interweave Crochet, but it depends on the timing-always the timing.

I started Elena's ghan last night. 13 x 13 squares are huge, this should take me a while. I weighed the skein (thanks Jessica) and I am now hooking away. It looks like perhaps 3/4 of a skein per square, which is gonna leave me in a quandary or sorts-do I make just one purple square and one of another color and then 5 squares with repeat colors (2 of each)? I really want to use the Plum CE, but only have a lone skein....sigh....I'll figure it out and before it's done, will probably be begging for a lone skein of CE in another color, so be forewarned.

Yesterday was one of those crochet days that nothing turned out right. You sense it at your fourth attempt at something, yet you plug on and keep trying. I should know better and just stop once I have frogged 2-3 times, but yet I plug on. I started the bell sleeved pullover and waiting til around 4 in the afternoon, when the sun isn't at it's best position over the house. It was too darkish to start the pattern. Once it's established it'll be easier to work on it in less than optimum lighting. I frogged that. I then started 3 little stocking stuffer fun projects and ended up frogging those. I started a cell phone case with the SWS and only got to 3 rows and put it down and started the square. I worked on that for about an hour and went to bed. The printer isn't working, so I had to hand write out the pattern PITA.

Today, I'll bring the square along with me and a book, just in case I have a long wait.

Gotta run..............


MrsFife said...

Couldn't you use the purple to join the squares or something? Or would it clash?

Jessica said...

It's so hard to just STOP when you know you should. I do the same thing.

Pam said...

Good luck today. MRI *shudder*. I recommend Xanex, even for the open ones. And then just sleep it off at the dr. office...

If you'd like to avoid the hassle of renewing your driver's licence, just move to AZ. I got mine in 1998 and it expires in...wait for it...2035, when I turn 65. I already don't resemble the picture, can't wait until I have totally grey hair and bifocals.

Lucy said...

Wow...you had a lot going on in your past blogs (I'm sorta behind). Good luck on the MRI...hope all is okay.

Kathy said...

Why do you think I don't plan to get a NJ license? I'll just keep my one from NC till it expires in a few years, even if I don't have red hair anymore.

Use the plum square in the center, it would be stunning, or just make a pillow to go with the ghan.

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