Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thoughts for Thursday

My husband got home late last night-I'm not sure what time. Yes, I love my husband, but I did go to bed before he got home, so I am not sure what time he got in (just trying to clear up that I'm not a lousy wife, just a tired one). He did leave for work at around 7:15 this AM also, so I did see him briefly. This is what happens after 10 years of marriage and a child-He called from San Diego to say he was boarding his flight home, he nudged me when he got in bed and gave me a hug, he woke me up at 7:00 AM to let me know he was leaving at 7:15 AM-10 years ago, I would have sat up waiting for him and had a meal waiting-times change, but feelings don't (in my case anyway).

Back To School night tonight-book fair also (which Elena has reminded me about at least a dozen times). My poor husband, he has work, has to be home to go to back to school night and then will probably eat dinner around 10:00 PM tonight-hopefully, he's still on PST in his head.

Yesterday, after about two weeks of anxiousness, I broke down and took 1/2 a Xanax. I have had the bottle since I got out of the hospital in November-it's the second pill I took out of 100. It says three times a day, 1/2 of one did it for me. I felt so much better and I am kicking myself for not taking it, but I am so anti-medication when it's not 100% necessary, etc. Apparently, it was necessary.

I plan to actually crochet the ghan a bit today. I still haven't started anything else and I checked my stash and I was wrong about having the green colorway of JA Boucle for Elena's teachers gift. I think I RAOK'd it out a while ago-always the way. I have the red/black colorway, but I still am leaning to the green/black one. I'll have to pick it up when we're back from vacation.

After my Xanax hit, I made a list for vacation and got some things in order. I feel better now. I also had dinner with my mother last night. I find myself getting snippish with her (I know, you are shocked I would be snippish with anyone!) a lot and the Xanax helped that too.

Elena told me last night that she finally stopped thinking about Harry Potter before falling asleep-now she thinks of someone else, but it's a top secret. She has crushes already at school-which surprises me because when I was her age, boys had cooties. Of course, I went to a Catholic grade school for several years and comingling of boys and girls wasn't encouraged, so maybe that's where the cootie theory came from. I do know several of the girls in her class discuss the cute boys, so it's a common thing. The pre-teen/teen years are scaring me even more. Last year she liked a little boy in her K class. They sat next to each other at lunch every day. I assumed he would be forgotten as a crush, but found out they all have recess together (all the 1st grade classes) and she still hangs around with him at recess and they talk. Must be the real thing (LOL). All I know is that if I mention certain boys names to her, she smiles and then blushes. It amuses me and frightens me all at the same time.

Well, it's chilly here this AM-only about 52 this morning at the bus stop and a high of 65 today. I couldn't find any of my winter shoes from last year, although I am sure I put them somewhere where I could get them easily-yes, again, my memory has failed me. I spent 20 minutes this morning looking and I plan to do nothing until I find them this morning (well, nothing after I post this anyway). Unlike my younger years when a changing season meant a new pair of shoes, I now wear my shoes until they look like crap-I am becoming one of those people I swore I wouldn't become when I was younger. All the aging process and always startling.

Well, I am off....maybe I'll get some hooking done.


Kari said...

getting older sicks lol

It was in the low 40's here this morning.. only 55 right now.
Yesterday we never mad eit to 60 but today we will, then a small warmup and rian then cooler again.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

It's cool that you can take the xanax as needed! Many meds need you to take them all the time for them to work, so you're lucky!!

Kelly said...

You are lucky that you have the medication! Take it when needed silly girl. Sometimes it is just a necessary thing that will make us feel better.

Poor hubby! :( Give him a big kiss, just to let him know the fire is still there. :)

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