Monday, September 25, 2006

Thank You

Thanks so much for your opinions. It's been so long since I wore anything fitted due to the steroid use and blow up it causes, I feel kind of strange now wearing fitted clothing again. I was worried it would be too tight when I ordered it, but it fit perfectly-shocking me.

I learned several things from past cruises-on my first one, I gained about 5 lbs in 4 days and nothing fit. The second one, I ate, but a lot of fruit, veggies, oatmeal, etc and ended up losing a few pounds. This one, I plan to eat healthy again (healthier then I do at home because it's all prepared for me and I just have to take it) and at least I won't feel so bloated-plus now that I have more fitted clothing, I have to be careful so the darn things fit.


Mandi said...

Hmmm weird...I'm no techie, but for some reason when I clicked over to your blog using Firefox it shows up with the old template (I'm guessing you've changed it recently?) and also the last current post is from the 21st. Thank God I have Internet Explorer too, otherwise I'm afraid I would have lost you forever!! I hate technology...sometimes.

Beautiful outfit by the way...I haven't read through all the new-to-me posts yet (I was visiting my parents this weekend), so I may have some more commenting to do.

Susana said...

I think the outfit is super-nice, very elegant. I hope you have a blast on your cruise.

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