Monday, September 25, 2006


I still haven't been doing much crafty stuff lately-I've been reading in my down time-I just finished Deadman's Bluff by James Swain and started on Better Read then Dead by Victoria Laurie-easy, get lost in my book reads-what I sometimes need. I did finish another 20 rows on the ghan-but the same stitch over and over again is boring me-I'm switching to another color soon, doubt it'll make it anymore interesting, but it's mindless (I am sensing a mindless theme here). I'm not starting anything til I get back from the trip, including the Sweet CAL. I also have to get to making some soap. I have a big holiday order and won't start til I get back (and hopefully don't get called into work much the first few weeks back). It has to be done in October, because it needs the six weeks cure time. Elena's pre-K teacher grabbed me in the hall last week and told me she had been hoarding the soap I gave her 2 years ago and was on the last bar-she needed some and she needed to order some for gifts. She also has ordered crocheted items from me in the past. Last year I made so little soap-I have about 4 bars left in total. They're actually nicer then fresh made because they've cured so long-very hard soap-which is good soap! Anyway, I have to get cracking on that, my mom's ghan, Elena's teacher's shawl and, if I have time, the SWS Pillow for my brother for Christmas. I want to do the Sweet CAL as soon as I get back also.

The pool is finally covered, we finished it yesterday in occasional rain and wind. It was pretty humid yesterday when it wasn't raining and warm-icky actually-about 84 with 75% humidity-perfect bug biting weather. I only got a few, but Elena got about 15 on her legs and they are driving her batty.

I didn't pack anything yet-yesterday was a bad day stomach wise. I don't know why-the GI feels I have "dump syndrome" (yes, the name is what it implies and I'm not saying anymore)-yet, I am careful with what I eat and my combinations. That coupled with the IBS is making me sick at least once a week, but not anything like yesterday-I had a fever too from the virus, but it seems to be almost gone (the virus). I'm a bit fed up stomach-wise too because they gave me Librax, but it makes me so drowsy and doesn't really help much. The fiber therapy is double edged too. sometimes, this just has me very down about things-but I will survive, things could be worse.

Anyway, nothing got accomplished over the weekend. I hit a few yard sales Saturday (picked up more knitting needles to add to my ever growing collection), even though it drizzled. I also picked up a brand new Cuisinart Mini Food Processor, something on my list of "wants" I never bothered getting. I have a regular food processor, but it's too big to keep out, so I never use it-$2 for the processor, new in the box, with two extra work bowls. At the same sale I picked up a $2 crock pot for roving dyeing, as well as a $2 steamer for dyeing also (using Kimberly's great tutorial). I was going to use the steamer I have here at home, but this one was a bit smaller and I prefer to have one for us to use for cooking (once it's used for dyeing, it's never used for cooking again-I now having dyeing pots, electric devices, containers, etc and cooking all separated). Sunday was pool covering day (Mike has decided he's paying someone $150 next year and letting the "professionals" take care of it all-thank goodness).

I still have to pick up more undies for Elena and I for the trip, but we're set and I am ready to leave already!

Well, laundry waits for no one and I have some errands. Have a terrific day!


Mellykins said...

Okay, so I have the same syndrome that you have and it sucks, but according to my doctor, I shouldn't gain wait hardly ever because my body gets rid of everything 5-10 minutes after eating (that was gross I know) I guess that is a plus!!

Glad you are feeling a little better!!


Jewels said...

What a great garage sale score. I am relaxed just thing (yes, with envy) of your upcoming cruise.

Lucy said...

My ex had IBS before there was a real name to it....I spent many a day and evening waiting for him to get out of bathrooms...I feel for ya!

Kathy said...

Hey Mel...bite me! It doesn't matter how fast my dinner departs, it seems to leave the calories behind.

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