Monday, September 18, 2006

My Daughter

You know, there are times when I half expect her head to spin around her shoulders and her to spew out pea soup at me and then a voice to say "I am a 90 year old woman, leave me alone"-I have said it before and will say it again, deep inside of her is the soul of a comtemplative old woman.

Mike made it to California and called when he got to the hotel. Elena answered the phone and this is the part of the conversation I heard:

"Oh Daddy, I am so glad you made it safely-what time did you get there?"

Apparently, Mike told her PST time and not our time because she followed up with "No Daddy, I mean in real United States time, not that California time" (apparently California is not in the "real" United States).

"So, what time is it there RIGHT NOW?". "Oh so it's afternoon there, but it's early evening here-which stinks because that means it'll be night time and that means bedtime".

"So, did you get a Snack Pack on the plane"-"Why not, they're delicious"

"So, what is the name of your hotel?", "Oh, the Four Seasons, sounds nice. Hmmmm....what does your room look like? Tell me everything. the couch comfortable?" "Hmmmmm....what is the bathroom like? If it's just a regular bathroom, don't bother to tell me about it". "Oh, two toilets and two sinks in one room, that could come in handy." "Do you have a balcony?" "What do you see off the balcony?" "Oh, I do wish I was there. California is so lovely (yes, she used lovely), you really should have brought us with you-you know I LOVE California". "So do you have a TV?".

This went on for about 20 minutes with periodic injections of "What time is it there now?" and "I wish I was there".

Yes, my daughter loves different hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, views from the room, traveling and so on. Apparently, the two toilet thing was the clincher because later she told me "It sounds as if dad is staying in a lovely room-two toilets, no waiting to go (I didn't get into if there is only one person, you don't have to wait anyway).

She has such an old soul.


DixieRedHead said...

That was an adorable conversation. She is truly going to be a piece of work when she grows up. i LOL'ed @ lovely. shes a cutie D!

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Oh my...Your daughter is a hoot. When my kids talk on the phone all I usually hear is yup...uh huh...nope...ok here's mom.

jess said...

she cracks me up! i love that. :)

Lucy said...

That is so so cute....can you only imagine when she is 16!!

Wendy said...

So, when will you be moving to Cali? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe not the soul of an old woman, but the brain of a very intelligent little girl.
Linda in Oklahoma

Marla said...


That kid is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing- gave me a heck of a laugh!!

Kari said...

Waaay toooo cute.
Sometimes they really can be adorable.

Kimberly said...

She is such a cutie! Her wisdom cracks me up!

Joy said...

OMG how cute is she?!

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