Sunday, September 10, 2006

Granny Squares-Some Answers

A few weeks ago, Susana had posted some granny squares and had a few questions about them. I did a few searches online and came up with nada. However, I recently purchased the book "The Crochet Answer Book", by Edie Eckman and am happy I did. The book touts itself as having "Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face and Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask" and sure enough, it did.

Now, it didn't define where the actual name "Granny Square" came from, but it gave some little informative tidbits I'll share.

Q-What is the difference between any old square and a granny square?

A-The familiar granny square is a special form of square motif. Although there are many variations on the granny square, the traditional one is a double-crocheted square made with a series of chains and double crocheted blocks-a kind of filet crochet in the round.

They book goes on to give a traditional granny square pattern all done with, yes, just chains and double crochet stitches.

So basically, there are many different motifs done in square and hexagon shapes, but a true granny square is only done in chains and double crochet-the rest are just considered motifs or squares.


Susana said...

Thanks for the update!

busy91 said...

Interesting. I did only think there was one granny square but I haven't mastered the other squares, some of them are pretty.

Kimberly said...

And now we know the rest of the story =)

Thanks for filling us in a little on the oh so mysterious Granny Square!

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