Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dammit WEBS!

I received my WEBS catalogue in today's mail. While perusing it a few minutes ago, I came upon the McMorran Yarn Balance. I have cones lying around that I am clueless to their ypp. I have spent days trying to figure out how the heck much is left on a cone and is it enough-dammit WEBS-you had to show me this device didn't you? You know, I don't buy many of the gadgets and notions (Like yarn bras, electronic row counters)-heck I use a fishing line meter as a yarn meter (and no, still haven't figured out a way to make a mounting rack for it), but darn it-I paid $7.99 for mine and the same thing, set up on a fancy wooden mounting thingy is $50, but I must have this tool.

I will not buy it now-I have the vacation coming up. Maybe if I start working more than two days a week. I think I'm more surprised I never heard of it. I must have it---must resist.

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xxheatherxx said...

Oh dear!! Look out!! Use the force and do not be tempted by the dark side! LOL

That thing is COOL!!!!

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