Friday, September 08, 2006

Congratulations Ron

My brother Ron has been working on this "free" boat he got all summer. He did get the boat for free, but the money he has poured into it has made it not so free, but all he wants is to take it out in the water, far enough where his cell phone can't work.

It has a bathroom (okay a toilet with a curtain in front of it), a refrigerator, sink, stove, table and benches and apparently the table pops up and converts to a bed. He told me it was an old houseboat and somehow I envisioned bigger. I have seen it, but not been on it. Yesterday (yes, a little late for the season), he launched it and sent me pictures-75 pictures to be exact, but I won't bore you with all of them, just a few. Apparently, he has names his boat Pimple, although I am not sure if that is official.

The picture above, with the two guys is my brother and his friend Greg. It's eerie how much alike they look-Ron looks more like Greg's brother then Greg's own brother.

I am clueless to who these two people are on the dock. I assume the kid is Greg's son and the older guy is an employee who helped launch the boat. All I know is they were in lots of the pictures.


Mandi said...

Pimple?! That's hilarious. That's a pretty cool little boat.

Jessica said...

Wow! He did a great job!

My step-dad just got his boat, too, right at the end of the season. They need to work on their timing, huh? :)

Natalie said...

What a cute, quirky looking little boat - with a name to fit!

Interestingly enough, my dad also just purchased a ski boat last weekend. Apparently the off season is the time to do these things, lol?

Kathy said...


Learned that when I worked for Boaters World!

And yes, just like cars, you can get a good deal on an end of model year boat right now, and a lot of people would rather sell now that pay storage all winter, so they sell old one and order new to be delivered in the spring.

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