Thursday, September 14, 2006


I had to clarify:

Chin hair-I've had strays for about 10 years now. They always just "pop" up-one day none, the next day I can feel it and I usually don't have a tweezer handy and I will keep twirling it, etc until I get home to pluck it. They usually come up about mid-month (you know what I mean), however, yesterday, out of nowhere, two "popped" up out at once-they were too small ot get with even my special tweezer, so I have spent two days now contantly feeling them and inspecting for them. I hate the damn things and know it's the side effect of aging and hormones. They still suck.

Busy-the orientation is at the primary/middle school for sub teaching there. I have to go in at the start of the school day to see how their routine works. Since I'll be working there at least twice a week and since I live around the corner, I will be called in a lot more because of how close I am and for emergencies. I am one of those anal people that want to know how it all works before I jump in. It's been a long time since I was in grade school (a real long time) and things have changed a lot and they have a routine that consists of all teachers being outside/in the hallways with walkie talkies getting kids to classes etc. They have all 1st graders report to the cafeteria and then they are walked to their wing, etc. Each wing has a bathroom just for that grade, etc and older kids aren't allowed in any wing other than their own. It's a safety issue and back when I went, schools didn't have wings (grade schools) and everyone kind of piled in. I have to learn the routine of the primary and middle school and will have to go for each school to get a "feel" for how it works. Then they throw me in to the lions. Subs actually have to teach at the school and full lesson plans are given that morning and 1st graders actually leave their classroom for Spanish class, computer class, art class, music class-so you have to know where the heck everything is and how they are taken there. It's a pretty progressive school and I just hope they don't ask me to teach any math classes, because I am sure the 7th and 8th graders will have to explain to me how to work out the problems. I stink at math and before I graduated college, had to take 5 math courses back to back just to get my degree (I had to do it that way because I left the math classes for last and because my retention for math is terrible, so I just kept taking the classes back to back until I was done).

Still in a rut, I started a sock last night three times and frogged them all. I may start the ghan today because it's an easy pattern, of course the colors have me all messed up, as usual. Maybe I'll just make a pot of soup and read today-step away for a bit.

On a happy note, Survivor starts tonight. Big Brother ended and honestly, I wanted Will to win. I disliked Boogie so much and thought he was a disgrace, so I was highly disappointed and surprisingly shocked he won. Oh well, life will go on.


Susana said...

I had to do a double take when I saw Chin I hate them too. I feel like a witch whenever they come out.

kimberly said...

Maybe that rut means it's time to learn to knit :)

Wendy said...

I have the dreaded chin hair, also. Usually Tony finds it and laughs at me. I told him it has a mind and will of its own and to watch out because it might grow up and strangle him while he is sleeping.

Sorry you are in a rut with stuff. The subbing sounds complicated right now, but I bet when you get into it will get better. I hope you don't have to deal with math, also.

Kimberly said...

I agree with the other Kimberly...I hear the needles calling your name...even from all the way over here. They are blocking your crochet groove with their loud yelling....heck, they are blocking my groove so will you just give in and pick them up????

Vik said...

I feel you´ll like the school and the pupils, Deneen! Take it easy! Everything´s gonna be all right!

Kathy said...

no no, it's not needles calling's her spinning wheel...the one she needs to learn to use so she can teach me. I mean come on, Deneen, you're a teacher, right? so hey teach, learn me how to spin, wouldya?

Miskaj said...

Get out of the rut..go buy yourself
something nice! :) Chin hair you
say? Wait til you have a full- fledged beard popping up! LOL! :)
Hope you come visit me! Katie

You have a great BLOG and I do hope you come visit mine and leave your heartprints of love so I cain find the trail back to your home. In HIS love. Katie

stacey said...

Ack, I *hate* the chin hair! They always sprout the moment I leave the house in the morning, I swear, and when I find a new one it makes me completely nuts until I can manage to pluck the thing...

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