Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aunt Flo Ruins Everything (TMI Post)

Note: This is one of those TMI posts that have nothing to do with any crafting at all. Read at your own risk, but if you do, remember, you were warned.

Today, we are supposed to go to the beach-Elena actually asked me this morning "Momma, is that the sun I see?"-which goes to show ya, the sun hasn't shined here in over a week. Anyway, I have been feeling particulary lousy since Friday night, blamed it on Chinese food that wasn't up to par, caffeine intake (I stopped drinking coffee ages ago and had that cup on Friday morning that had my brain scambling and then had a cup of tea yesterday AM and it did the same thing)and anything else I could come up with. In fact, I slept so badly Friday night, I stayed in bed til 11:00 AM yesterday morning-which is super rare for me on any given day.

Anyway, I have been a bitch the past two days and there have been lots of little spats here and there. I went to check the calendar and realized, I had inadvertantly thrown away the August page, which had my "dates" written on it and somehow, I forgot to write in September dates. So yes, I dug through the trash can to find the page (at the bottom, of course) and sure enough-Aunt Flo was supposed to come on September 6-well, she stopped by today, bright and early. To make matter worse, the schedule is now off and dammit, she is due for arrival on 9/29-the day I leave for Bermuda on our cruise! I can't believe it-six months ago, when it was booked, I checked the calendar and I was free and clear-but you know, stuff happens and hopefully she'll arrive a few days early again and then she won't stay with me on the trip as long. There is the possibility that she could decide to come a few days late and really mess up the cruise. I mentioned it to my husband and his comment "Of course-we have never, ever had a trip without her-even our honeymoon she tagged along". She has to horn in on everything!

Anyway, we're still heading to my brother's. I will probably walk Elena down to the beach to pick up shells-the storm should have washed up tons of em. It's supposed to me mostly cloudy and about 72 there. Mike will wear a suit, I'll pack one for Elena and then whine incessantly about the weather, Aunt Flo and anything else I can think of-LOL

Have a good Sunday!


Vik said...

I would go with Elena! I love picking up shells!

Megan said...

Ugh! Aunt Flo is such a bitch!

busy91 said...

I hope you are feeling better. I've noticed for myself, the closer I'm getting to the 'change' the bitchier or more depressed I'm getting around AF. I'm even feeling it now where as I never felt it before.

Kari said...

She came calling here this past week.
She's always had bad timing with me.

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