Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2nd Unproductive Day!

Today has been my second unproductive crocheting day-I've been crocheting, just nothing is working out like I want it to. It's time to step away from the yarn/hooks for a few days and start fresh later in the week. I hate when this happens.


Jewels said...

hey, taking a rest from anything rejuvenates the spirit!

Mimi said...

Talk about unproductive, Deneen, I have not finished anything in two weeks, and I have no new pattern in more than a month. And I just got some bad news about my 4 designs with Coats :(

Kari said...

You'll start being productive again, I am kinda flitting around various things not staying on one to long. I do that sometimes but it settles down eventually.

Kimberly said...

and this too shall pass!

Is it not a bummer when you seem to be in a funnk and getting nothing done?

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