Friday, August 25, 2006

The Update

My doctor appointment tonight was anticlimactic, but then again, they always are. No cortisone shot for now-maybe after the MRI. Freaking MRI, I cannot and will not go in the machine. He has to get approval for me to get an open-MRI, which could be a problem because my damn insurance says I have to use who my primary uses (who he is capitated with). Anyway, the place the primary uses doesn't have an open MRI-so we wait for approval. He thinks I have something I never heard of and can't remember the name offhand, something with "-pathy" at the end (edited to add: Plexopathy was one thing and I can't read his writing on the script for the other). I have to get an EMG done too and if the tests are positive, he'll send me to a specialist in Philadelphia cause "you shouldn't mess around with it". Anyway, he was really nice and the appointment took forever because of my medical history. He did all kinds of resistance tests, etc. He offered a trigger point shot of Lidocaine, which I didn't get because I didn't want anything that would last a few days and then the pain would come back-it makes it worse (IMHO) and since I am used to the pain now, taking it away for a few days and then giving it back would just suck-seriously suck.

He also doesn't want to do a cortisone shot in my neck in the office. Apparently you need to have this done in the hospital using ultrasound or something. Anyway, it's another "wait for the approval and we'll go from there". I'm tired, seriously tired of the crap.

Enough of the "downer stuff". Elena was taking her bath tonight and was sliding back and forth making waves and screaming for me to come watch her. I told her I had done that as a kid too and she was startled-"YOU were a kid?" was what she asked. I told her "Of course, and you look almost just like I did as a kid". She asked "how?" and I told her the eyes are the same, hair, cheeks, etc. Again, she's startled and asks "What color are your eyes?". I told her a mix of brown and green and she gasped "So are mine!, How cool is that mom?". Apparently, it was pretty cool to her and she asked "How does this happen?". I started to explain genes and, of course, she asked about pants. I had to spell G-E-N-E-S and compare it to J-E-A-N-S. It was a short conversation because I didn't want it to lead into "How do they get in my body?" and other questions I am not quite ready to fully explain yet-just saying from mommy and daddy isn't the answer she wants-she needs facts, explanation, diagrams, if possible. Soon enough all the questions will come, but hopefully not too soon.


Jewels said...

What a kid!! She totally keeps you on your toes hey. It's good that she enjoys wearing glasses and that it doesn't bother her.

Hunny said...

Did the doctor say that you have Neuropathy??

So are these the kind of questions that I can look forward to when my girls get older?? LOL

Wendy said...

Tendinopathy or suprascaplular neuropathy? Whatever it is I hope you get relief soon. I don't like the MRI machines either, especially since I have metal in me.

Elena is pretty cool! You are smart for telling her the truth and not giving her a false anser.

Deneen said...

Plexopathy-brachial plexus problem or something like that and something else, but I can't read what he wrote down. It's not neuropathy-something I really never heard of. It hurts and I want it gone-that's all I know!

Pink said...

Feel better soon.

Mimi said...

Honestly, my brain cannot process those medical terms and explanations...I hate to think about those...How nice to be a child and not think about those serious stuff.
I hope you get well soon, Deneen.

Bron said...

You know, you're led to believe that the medical community has all the answers (or at least they want you to THINK they do) so when something comes along like this, it just doubles the frustration.

I wish every doctor was like House and could reach a diagnosis within one hour with 15 minutes out for commercials! (Every doctor being as sexy as House would help too. ::wink::)

I'm still crossing my fingers the pain will be gone soon - and you'll be able to get ON with things!

vicki said...

deneen, i am also hoping your pain will be gone soon too. i know how hard it is to live with chronic severe pain. keeping you in my thoughts hon hugs, oh and elena is just to darn cute. what a kid. how old is she again? 6 going on 60? hehe. feel better very soon hon

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