Saturday, August 19, 2006


BTS shopping DID NOT take place today. Leaflet distribution took longer then expected and the subsequent phone calls from the people who received and read the leaflets took up a lot of the afternoon. My two hour nap did not help things, but I still blamed the aforementioned for the not going. The beach is cancelled til Labor Day weekend (maybe), so tomorrow may be the first day of the BTS saga-for those interested, I'll keep ya posted.

P.S. Elena was happy about not going, so no whining from her, however she is already practicing for tomorrow.

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Lani said...

My daughter was a total clotheshorse but my son's reaction to back to school shopping was much like Elena's. I resolved it pretty much the same way you do, but limiting the number of stores I hit and promising an over-the-top treat (usually a trip to the ice cream shop, with his choice of gloppy concoction) on successful completion of our mission with minimal complaint. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't ... but it's worth a try, neh? Good luck!

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