Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Update with the school and life

So many asked and it's easier to post-

I took Elena in this morning and signed her in and dropped her at the "mass classroom". She was nervous and told me it was the wrong room, etc., but then I looked up and saw the assistant director, who called Elena by her name (there's like 100 kids, yet we stuck out, hmmmm) and asked if she wanted to color. He promised me it would be fine and I left-nervous. My mom works on the campus, so I called her and asked her to stand outside her building and make sure she saw Elena, the kids were the same age, etc. She did and it was fine. I got there about 20 minutes early and signed her out on the sheet and then waited in the middle of the quad. Elena was made line leader for today and they had three teachers walking them-so maybe what I said did finally sink in.

She loved the science class and they made sidewalk chalk (still at school drying) and slime (in a baggie here looking more runny than anything else). She said the science class was "so much better than the webpage class-much more exciting and not as boring". She also made a "new best friend" whose name is Lauren, she's also six and also going into first grade. So now all is well in Elena's little world, exactly how it should be.

I haven't been doing much crafty the past few days, not feeling inspired, taking a break from the squares and actually, just tired out lately. I did stop at JA yesterday and pick up some of the boucle (I had a 40% off one and bought the plum) and they had some of the colors they're discontinuing marked down to $5.00 each, so I grabbed one of those. It said on the receipt the color was brown, but it's a red, orange, rust color and is so hideous, I had to have it-it screamed out my name over and over again. I also noticed they are making smaller skeins of their boucle in more bland colors for $5 a skein.

Their yarn selection at mine is still awful. I wanted some Caron simply Soft in Brocade. I checked everywhere, no one had it. JA had no SS at all. I was looking for #3 thread, senso, anything-no thread at all. I asked the cashier and she pointed to a bin on the wall-it was yarn, not thread, so obviously she's not a hooker or a poker. I also checked Michael's for thread and they didn't have Senso either or any #3. I don't get it at all. I even checked online for CSS in brocade and couldn't find any place that had it, so if you know of an online place, lemme know.

Ooh, also while at JA, I bought fabric to line my summer bag and the Fat Bottom Bag I plan to make with the LB suede. Now, just because I bought it, doesn't mean I will do it, but it's a step. Now to drag out the sewing machine, get some different color thread other than navy, black, white and tan. Baby steps.

Regina, in keeping with the "all my ducks in a row" theory of starting a new hobby, I once again bought more stuff for the clay-mandrels, template, awl,some slicer thing for cane, etc. I have everything I need now to start, the clay, bead roller, acrylic roller, pasta machine, book, etc. Now, for Elena to start school. I should dig around in the garage for the old toaster oven to use to. I saw a baking try with slots for holding the beads up, but for $25, I let it slide-I'll figure something out. This is just like the electric spinner, once I got it-the strong urge to actually spin was calmed. Again, when Elena starts school, out it will come.


Brandy said...

Could you let me know how you like firefox??? I am just curious and all. Thanks...

Wendy said...

I wondered how camp went for her today. Glad she loved science and has a new best friend. Sierra met a friend at her school today. She told me that she has a "pony" (ponytail) and brown skin.

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to get into new crafts but can't do it until school starts. Today I finally was able to realize that I had my 3 hours back to myself again. I had forgotten that I lost that. Madeleine naps, Sierra is at school, all is good!

I am super impressed that you want to line a bag with fabric. I will be there for you when you decide to venture into the sewing world to do it.

Speaking of not finding what you are looking for, apparantly it is easier to pan for gold then it is to find a size B crochet hook. I have been wanting to make the baby booties but I don't have a B hook and I went to Michaels (for like the fifth time looking for a hook smaller than a D) and they had 3 on order, I told them they should be ordering 10.

Chicksey said...

I'm pretty sure that Simply Soft stopped making brocade. I was in the middle of making a huge blanket when I found this out and bought all I could online and cleaned out some store's stock. The guy at the online store said they stopped making it and I wrote Caron a nasty letter saying that they need to update thier webpages more frequently because when I stopped being able to find the yarn in the store I looked to their website for more info and none was provided. And espcecially for a no dye lot yarn where it's not necessary to buy all the yarn at once they should keep you posted on the availability of it!

Just my little rant but you might find it helpful.

If you're in the middle of a project-- I do have some left over.


Deneen said...

It figures Rachel-I have a new pattern book that has a pattern that calls for two skeins of the brocade and it looks nice-the pattern book is brand new, just freaking came out-bastards! At least I can stop trudging from store to store. thanks!

Chicksey said...

Yeah they suck. I see they've made no effort to let their buyers know they've discontinued stuff. As you can tell, it irritated me.

I think I have 3 skeins. If you want it, they're yours. Too little left over for another blanket, not creative enough to use it for something else :) It just might take me a little while to get it out to you.

Deneen said...

Okay, but let me buy them or at least pay the postage. It's not a rush, just one of those things I want to try and make.

Email me at yarnsandmusings (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll get ya my addy, etc.

Thank you!

stacey said...

I'm glad they got their act together--I was shocked they just let her sit in the wrong classroom for an entire session.

Slime is great fun. If hers didn't work out and you ever want to make a great big mess, you can make it out of borax and white glue (not the elmer's "school glue" because it doesn't have the right ingredients). Also silly putty.

ladylinoleum said...

That's funny...I bought an awl recently too! I cannot seem to remember to get a freaking seam ripper, but I remembered to purchase a damn awl. My brain is in fry mode...

Priscilla said...

To keep from getting a flat or shine spot on the clay beads place them on poly quilt batting then bake. You can also use a bowl to suspend them.

Deneen said...


The flat quilt backing? It won't singe? The bowl is a great idea. I have some skewers that are squared that I may use to prevent rolling. Thanks.

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