Saturday, August 26, 2006

Update #2

Thanks to Jaye, who sadly knows more about this crap then anyone should have to, I have figured out what the orthopedic/neurologist is trying o figure out:

Cervical Radiculopathy This is what the MRI is for.

Plexopathy this is what the EMG is for.

Elena is sick with stomach problems again-yes, it's frustrating. I took the "sample" to the lab last week, but the lab headquarters called on Thursday to inform me that :"You didn't receive the right container and have to redo the sample. It has to have an orange lid-we'll forward the paperwork back to your local lab.". Frustrating, yes-I mean this was days after I dropped it off and I thought she was getting better, so I assumed it didn't matter. I guess I'll go to the lab Monday and pick up the orange capped thing and do it again. I hope the stomach thing resolves itself before school starts. I worry about her a lot with everything and I have been fretting all day over this. I know it's nothing I did or anything, but I just always feel guilty and badly when my daughter gets sick.

BTW, I found a skein of Caron Simply Soft in white at Wal-Mart yesterday-I should be done the blanket by early next week-


KnitXcorE said...

Poor Baby!!! I've had a ton of stomach issues, and it's not fun... I can barely eat anything anymore. i van't w8 to see your blanket!!! mine sholud be done sometime near... NEVER. UGH!

Lucy said...

Oh, I hope your daughter is okay soon. It's so tough when little ones are sick. She is absolutely the cutest little girl! Don't feel guilty over sickness...just be there for her...that's what she needs!

Jaye said...

Poor, sweet little Elena! I hope today finds her feeling much, much better. *hugs* to her.

Ugh. Sorry I was spot on about what your doc is looking for with you. I'm hoping it's an easy fix and not something that you'll have to put up with for years and years and years - it doesn't have to be!
You let me know how things go, okay?

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Hooray for White SS!! I hope Elena feels better soon.

vicki said...

deneen, i hope that they find out what is wrong. i have 3 herniated discs in my neck from the accident and i also have the cervical radiculopthy as well as lumbar radiculopathy. it hurts like he double toothpicks i know. have you tried accupressure? i did when my neck got so bad i could not move it and it really helped.what you do is you push your fingers into the muscles until you find the pressure point that will give you some relief. then you push using your fingers straight on, not bent , till the muscles relax. it works for me and maybe it will for you. hang in there hon, life will get better. i hate those darn emg's worse than my cortisone shots, but i think it was the doc i had, i have talked to others who have had them and it is not anything like what i went through.

also though, sometimes when you have the emg and you do have the radiculopathy, if its a nerve thats pinched causing it, it sometimes when shocked will loosen up. i hope you feel much better sweetie. hugs

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