Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank You is in order

I promise I will post some pics tomorrow and some details of the trip-I am tired and cranky and can't get into it right now-besides I swear the heat has affected my network as I keep getting kicked off....

Anyway, Stacy-that you for the Cotton Ease and the Charles tahki pattern book-I love it!

Sara-you poop, you didn't have to, but the whole box full of Lustersheen was a wickedly good surprise and the color is perfect! It's also enough (7 skeins) to make myself two items (maybe even 3)!

All my mail was held and delivered this afternoon and I was thrilled to get some good stuff mixed in with the bills that piled up over the week.

I found no yarny goodness in San Diego, apparently the closest place was La Jolla and it was about a $40 plus cab ride away (although someone told me $70 round trip) and somehow, I couldn't make it worthy of the money. Besides, as Elena reminded me the entire time, we were on a "BUSINESS TRIP and not a vacation".

So see, this is what Elena considered her business:


And of course, the whole business trip just exhausted the poor baby


I want to note that I do know how damn spoiled my child is. At her age, hell until I could afford to go on one myself, I could count on one hand the number of vacations we took-one finger. We went to Hershey Park, PA and stayed overnight and we went to Lynchburg, VA to visit my uncle/aunt/cousins twice - but visiting family doesn't count as a vacation-so once. My father got off the end of July/beginning of August and we went to the beach (20 minute drive) in a VW Beetle Bug and ate frozen pizza for dinner. There weren't any family restaurants (like Chili's or Applebee's) when I was a kid (aging myself) and the nearest McDonald's was 1/2 hour away. We went out to dinner about 4 times a year, got dressed up and I ate shrimp and had a Shirley Temple.

Now Elena has been on two cruises (Nova Scotia and Bermuda) and has one coming up next month. She's been to Disney, New Hampshire (twice), Baltimore, New York City, Cape Cod, Lancaster, PA-twice and now San Diego and these were all hotel stays-not day trips and didn't include trips to visit family in Massachusetts She has flown twice, cruised twice and we drove to the other places. She's 6 1/2 and has done more in her lifetime then I had done by the time I was 21. So, yes, I realize she is lucky and spoiled and hopefully she will realize it too.


Natalie said...

That picture is adorable. It's a classic!

I'm glad to see you're back and to hear that the trip was nice!

Stacy said...

You're welcome. Glad you're back!

Pink said...

But she's adorable and I love the line "this is a BUSINESS trip..."

DixieRedHead said...

sounds like yall had a great time. Loved the pics!

Jaye said...

Elena is spoiled in the vacation department just as much as my demon son. The first (and I mean first) vacation I ever went on as a child was when I was 13. His started when he was 18 months old and haven't stopped yet and he's been on way more than I have. LOL!

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