Monday, August 21, 2006

Small Blog Changes

I hate word verification and cannot tell you how many times I make a mistake typing it in and have to redo it on other's blogs, however I understand the need for it.

I decided to take it off my comment section and I have instead enabled comment moderation instead. So your comment will be delayed, but it'll get there.

I don't randomly delete comments that don't agree with me 100%, etc, it's just a SPAM measure I am taking. So, for now, I'll give you a break on the word verification.


Kari said...

I hate word verification, oh I see the need but gah it's just a pain to us chronic backwardsmixedupspellers.

Kelly said...

I have it on mine, but I have to agree when I am posting a comment I hate trying to figure those letters out. Ugh!

noricum said...

I hope that works! I tried that for a bit, but got tired of deleting the spam and allowing the non-spam. I'm lazy. :P

Rebecca said...

no worries- we'll wait. or type the crazy letters.... :-P

Jaye said...

I did the same thing earlier today. I can't make out the letters half the time, especially when they're all fat and run together.

I'm going blind, what can I say.

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