Monday, August 21, 2006

See, What did I tell you?

I finally hauled my lazy butt up and made Elena get dressed, etc to go to the Wally World that is "not in any direction" I usually go. Elena is moaning about: 1) How much she hates Wal-Mart and 2) How much she hates shopping for yarn (er-fiber). Anyway, I promise some math workbooks if she agrees just to go and humor me and she agrees (yes, not a toy, but workbooks-any kind for first grade and adores and goes through them like water). Anyway, I get there, we go in, pick out a math (her fav) workbook and some Review type workbook and head to the yarn section. There have to be 20 colors of Caron Simply Soft, but alas, of course, no white in stock. All the other bins are full. I find a sales clerk who tells me they get daily shipments, but most definitely by Friday they should have the white in-is anyone else seeing this contradiction? Anyway, meanwhile Elena has scooped up a skein of RHSS in white, some Bernat Baby Soft in White and some Microspun in white and trying to convince me of how they are "just the same, just pick one" for fear of having to come back. I assured her I wouldn't drag her back (and I won't, I'll just look elsewhere unless I get that way again) and we took our workbooks, paid and left.

I should have known better then to even expect it to be easy.


Deneen said...
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Rebecca said...

ummmmm - you did say walmart, right? yeah, that's where you went wrong :P

pssst, mine love workbooks too! what kind of freak children do we have!?!

Kathy said...

If you need me to look for something up here, let me know.

Deneen said...

Rebecca-I usually avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, but they have a huge selection of Caron Simply Soft and it's only $1.97 a skein-but apparently it's not that huge a selection:P.

Kathy-thank you for the offer, but it'll turn up somewhere, I mean it's CSS in White-

vicki said...

that sucks deneen, if ya can't find it let me know too, i can get some and send , but would be next week as my dear darling cough cough hubby is home for the entire month of august oh joy, just think what i have to look forward to when he retires':P hugs

Jewels said...

Yay for Elena liking math already!! That's awesome.
NONE of the stores here carry Caron Simply Soft, grr, I found a few of the bright colors at Walmart on clearout, which is wierd cause they never had it on regular shelves.

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