Monday, August 07, 2006


It's Monday AM, around 7:00 AM. Elena starts Kid's College today, which means two weeks of driving, sitting and driving. When I signed her up for this in May, I had a week in July chosen and then a week in August-but yes, shit happens.

First, the trip to San Diego-I changed the classes even before I paid for them. Then, the Summer Camp her school offered that I didn't know about and couldn't pass up. I called the college, no refunds. Now, the two classes cost almost $300 and just saying, "okay, we'll skip it", seemed a bit expensive. So what did I do, I scheduled two weeks in a row because they were courses she expressed a desire to take. "Simply Science" is this week and next week is "Storytime Food". Simply Science is self-explanatory, Storytime Food is there they read a book with food in it, eg, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, they then head over to the culinary kitchen (the college has a culinary academy also) and actually make the item they read about. She's excited about both. Next year, for age 7-10, they actually have culinary classes she can take-next year, we'll just sign up for one class.

So today, I'll take her, , walk the damn mile to the class, go to orientation, walk the damn mile back to the car and then, since it's right down the street from it, stop at Joann's for some boucle (with a coupon, of course), hit Target for a birthday party she has next Saturday, hit Wal-Mart (or maybe Michaels) for some Caron SS in Brocade for something I want to make and then sit and wait. Could be worse. I decided to come home two of the 5 days per week, depending on what has to be done. I did schedule a mammogram next week (place is right near the school)-not exciting, but resourceful (IMHO). It's cloudy today and is supposed to rain a little.

Crochet-wise, I completed 15 of the 150 squares-ahhh. Seems so daunting when you have so many to make! I haven't figured out exactly when colors are being used, amount out squares yet because I am trying to figure out how many squares I am getting per skein of CE and am almost done one of the skeins. In a few colors, I just have a single skein, so I have to take it from there. I am going to stick with the colorblock thingy though, so we shall see. I am not crazy about squares because so much fastening off and starting over. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but I do a lot of clothing that is in one piece and am not used to this part of crocheting. I also packed some wool and my Marvelous Fulled tote pattern since that is just in the round and one piece (yes, I've grown comfortable crocheting in the round-wore myself down).

Well, I have to get Elena up, which is going to be a chore. We got home from the movies at 1:30 AM Sunday AM and Elena stayed up the entire time and collapsed when we got home. I woke her around 9-9:30 yesterday morning with the hopes she would be tired to sleep last night-nope, still on PT and I went to bed at 9:30, same time as her and she fell asleep, but then was basically up all night: 1:00 AM heard her talking to herself and she informed me she "hadn't been to sleep at all", 3:00 AM giggling followed by bathroom, 6:30 AM, I get up and she is lying there staring at the door and informs me "I didn't sleep at all". I sent her into bed with her dad to try and get an hours nap and hope for the best today. She's always been a hump about sleeping, but now this week and next, we have to leave here around 8:15 AM and then in September, school starts and we have to leave the house at 8:00 AM, so it's time we get back into the routine. I'll hate it as much as Elena, trust me.

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Kathy said...

Let me know if you need some more CE, I got a skein of most colors they had at Smileys and have no idea what to do with them.

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