Friday, August 04, 2006

A forgotten tidbit.......

I forgot this, but Stacy's comment reminded me. On Monday AM, I snuck out the side door of the hotel to have a smoke and make a phone call. It was about 7:30 AM and dead quiet. I had my back to the door and am just kinda standing there, ignoring the world when I heard a very distinct voice behind me. I slowly turn around and who am I face to face with? Tom Brokaw. Now, I never watched the nightly news, but his voice is so distinctive I knew it immediately. He was talking to his wife and heading for his limo (which was parked in front of me, yet I was oblivious to it). He is old.....old and small.....old and old. His hair was sticking up in the back and it made me realize just how much make up and hair people are needed for TV. I started thinking about the different local newcasters from Philly I had met and dammit, they were all short-like 5'2"-5'4", yet they had that damn booming voice that always made them seem bigger, well taller anyway.

I forgot he was a speaker at the convention that morning til I saw him. Mike came back from the morning session and the first thing he mentioned, how old Tom Brokaw looked-sounded the same, looked old. I think that's what's happening to me. I sound the same, but when I look in the mirror, an older version of me is looking back-harumph!

And Natalie did know who Kenny Loggins was-and if that guy at work does look like him, he must be at least 60-seriously Nat. Most of the people there under 30 didn't have a clue who he was-although they did recognize the music from Caddy Shack, Top Gun and Footloose. I assume the convention caters to the 40-50 year olds, which is why so many "old lady groupies" stormed the stage-I didn't and I giggled about it-damn, I didn't even snap a picture.


Carol L. said...

Hey glad you made it home safe!! Looks like you might have had a good time.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great time....reading about the clambake made my mouth water...thanks a lot!

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