Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cotton Ease Stash

I finally sorted it out today and it's bagged by dye-lots. Each individual bag is an individual dye lot-so as you can see, lots of mixed lots (except for the red-I have 8 skeins same lot there). I bought some of this, some was gifted to me,, by some awesome people, over the past two years and I saved it and now it's all sorted in it's own special tote. Now, I want to make something, but need your help.


I am planning to make Elena a rectangular granny square ghan (the little squares are a PITA). I have to decide what colors to use and how much total yarn I will need. I also have to figure out to change the colors (do you do it after rows of so many inches or do I just kind of do a single skein center square and then work around???). I have never done a granny square ghan-heck, never did a regular sized ghan which is what I want to make here. Any pointers are appreciated because, well, I cannot figure it out. It's not like I have one main color and one contrasting color-don't have enough of any one color to work with (yes, the red, but Elena doesn't want red).

Colors she wants-the popsical (how they spell it) blue, pink, plum-I may be able to talk her into the pineapple with it. Hell, she'll get whatever colors I can make work, but I won't push the red or the candy blue on her-I kind of wanted light and bright for the blanket. I can use the red to make her a bolero. I don't care about the matching dyelots of the pineapple (none are matching) because I'll do several rounds from one skein and non of the skeins will be joined-they'll be separated by other colors. what I should have done was got 10 skeins of the pink and just gone with the pink and blue-but this is supposed to use some of the single skeins in the stash-not make me buy more.

What about 13" squares (12 of em, joined with popsical blue) like the Monet afghan? Main color is 40 ounces and joining color is 21 ounces. Each skein of CE weighs 3 1/2 ounces, so the blue would kinda be okay, although I would have to use 2 dyelots. The squares are done in rows, so I could look for 13" or 12" granny square patterns or just make it easy and do the rows-but it's not variagated yarn, so will it look okay??? Each squares takes a little over 3 ounces of yarn (by my calculation), so I could do two pink, two red, two pineapple, two blue, two pistachio and damn, see not enough. I only have one skein of the plum too.

Suggestions here please-I am on some sort of brain freeze for this project. I mentioned this, but will mention it again-I have never made a regular sized ghan and any ideas for scrap ghans, etc would be appreciated and I will adore you forever. See Jaye, aren't you sorry you asked about it now???

Any of the leftover half-skeins will be used to make chemo caps as my "25 Things for Charity". I have a box of scarves and some caps already done, but won't post them all until all 25 are done.


busy91 said...

That Monet afghan is so pretty. *sigh* I have crocheted a granny square one (I should take a pic) but it is baby size. I'm not really good at it so no suggestions from me. Good Luck.

Jessica said...

The best and fastest way to figure out how much yarn you'll need for the squares is to weigh a skein, make your square, then cut the yarn and weigh the square. Subtract the square from the whole skein and you'll know how much each square will take. Make sure you weigh the whole skein as they each weigh slightly different.

If you're going to do a single big granny square, You could do the same thing with about the first few rounds, then extrapolate for how big you want it to be. It's less accurate that way, obviously.

Good luck!

Kimberly said...

I wish I could help, but I am clueless first to afghans and second to cotton ease....can you believe that I've never even seen the stuff in real life? A shame I know, what with it now being discontinued and all!

Bonne chance!!

Lani said...

I love the idea of a multicolor version of the Monet; I think it'd look awesome. You can make at least one square of all the bright colors, and more of Elena's favorites!My advice: Pick your square pattern first ( I love Bobby's Square at -- it looks a lot harder than it is, trust me!). Once you've picked your pattern, see exactly how much of a skein one square uses (as Jessica suggested), and with that knowledge you can plan your color layout (Microsoft Paint is great for stuff like that). Also IMO two dye lots of the popsicle blue shouldn't be a horrible problem, use one dyelot for the joining and one for the border and call it a design feature ;)

Jewels said...

I think it would look awesome with the Monet pattern size.

Brandy said...

Ok grannies are the easiet by far. Whenever I have made one I usually do the first few rows the same color and then do whatever color hits you next. And I always do how many rows I think of the next color and so on... Thats the nice thing about grannies there is no set pattern just do whatever strikes your fancy. Cant wait to see it, it will be gorgeous!!

Priscilla said...

How about a mile-a-minute 'ghan.
They are easy and some have directions for crocheting them together as you go instead of sewing them.

Jaye said...

The Monet afghan would be perfect! It looks like you have plenty of colours there for that, but if you're worried about how it's going to look, I'd either use MS Paint like Lani suggested or colored pencils (or even crayons) and paper to sketch it out to give you and idea of what your finished project will look like.

Oh, and no, I'm not sorry I asked :p

vicki said...

you can also make rectangle grannies or even do a log cabin type square. which is all you do is use one color for the main color, then on one end you add a different color, then the other side you go around both colors. am i making this so you can understand/ if ya want to try that let meknow and i will show ya a pic of a ghan i made with red/white/and blue/ but you can do it also with nice results. hang in there hon, its going to be awesome, the other suggestion i was about to make that priscilla did is the mile a minute. you can make those babys in less than a week. heck i made 2 of them in less that 4 days. thats how fast they go. good luck hon and let us know how it went hugs

busy91 said...

I"m going to attempt to help you for a change. LOL! Since I've made exactly ONE granny ghan. :)

I changed colors at the end of the box before the next round starts.

What color is your boarder going to be? Black/white? I ask because some of the colors pop more than others and these should be on the outer part of the square. For instance if your border is going to be black then the darker blue might get lost, if it is going to be white then it will be fine. The combos I'd chose would be the cooler hues since you have more of them. I hope some of this made sense.

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