Friday, August 18, 2006

Chinese Boiled Rice- Foodie Friday

Whenever I make stir fry at home or Shrimp in Chili Sauce, I want my rice to be like I get from my Chinese Restaurant-kinda sticky, like from a rice cooker. Well, we eat so little white rice around here and I refused to have another appliance to keep out/store with a rice cooker, so I searched until I found what I was looking for. I've made this a gazillion times and it is, to me anyway, the perfect rice recipe for making with Chinese food.

Chinese Boiled Rice

2 cups long grain rice
3 cups water
(for more or less rice, just adjust the ratio to 2 parts rice and 3 parts water)

Bring rice and water to a boil with the lid on the pot. When steam escapes the pot, turn to low and simmer 20-22 minutes. Remove pot from heat source and let sit for 20 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE LID! This can be kept hot for 30 minutes longer, as long as the lid is not opened.

That's it!


Brandy said...

hmmm gonna have to try this one. I am always doing a stir fry. Wonder if it works with brown rice???

Jaye said...

I just got rid of a rice cooker that my grandmother handed down to me - she never used it. I couldn't see trying to find a place to store yet another appliance, much less one that I'd have to plug in and waste electricity on to cook rice in for an ungodly amount of time. Seemed crazy.

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