Sunday, August 20, 2006

BTS Shopping Done

All the hype and it is done and over with (almost).

Elena stayed home, she called my mom and begged her to watch her while we shopped. I figured, whatever and just wanted to get it done with.

I ended up getting her Reebok's and some casual shoes at Kohl's (and surprise, they fit), a pair of Levi's (which fit fine in the waist, but are about 3" too long-aaargh) and one top. Plus a pair of OP Sandals marked way down for the cruise. I would have bought more there, but $38 for a pair of jeans for a first grader didn't sit well with me. Not being cheap or anything, it's just she could outgrow them in a month, stain them in a day, etc. When she's older, not having the growth spurts as much, then I will buy her whatever brand she wants-but for now, I cannot rationalize spending $38 on a pair when I usually buy about 7 pair to start school. One mother in front of me bought 12 pair of the jeans, about 20 shirts costing $20 and over and three pair of shoes. Her daughter was going into second grade-I was envious, but at the same time incredulous that she would spend so much money at one shot, in one size, not knowing how they would fit, etc.

Next stop, Old Navy-finally replenished their jeans-two pair of jeans, two long sleeved 100% cotton tops (only long sleeved ones bought today), backpack and matching lunch bag in that pink/brown combo that is everywhere. Next Target, pair of yoga pants, pink t-shirt to match, pink tie-dye Osh Kosh shirt, 14 pair of socks, 10 pair of underwear-all fit, except for the length of the Levi's. The ass that I am found a skirt for the trip for myself on clearance-grabbed it and didn't try it on (and I wonder where Elena gets it from), got home, tried it on and it's way too big. That I have to return-crapola.

I still will end up shopping here and there for tops, play clothes (cause you know we have to have school clothes and play clothes, because that's how my mom did it), etc., but at least the major crap is done. All my balking and it only took up about 4 hours time total, and that included running to pick up an Eagles Jersey for my brother's birthday, vitamins at The Vitamin Shoppe, some snacks and Swiffer at Target and a stop at a local farm stand for some veggies and a melon.

Another plus, Mike cleaned out the pool today and it's ready for me just to pop in.

I can't tell you how relieved I am all this nagging crap is behind me. Now, to finish the one blanket/hat and start the other.....that, my friend, is another story.


stacey said...

I won't pay $38 for a pair of jeans for *me* and I haven't had any growth spurts lately. But then I am cheap. Heh.

Sarah Jane said...

< high 5 for Mike >

Wendy said...

Do you have a Costco nearby? They have Levi's for $13. Also, as a good price on jeans. I like how they fit on Sierra.

KnitXcorE said...

WoW!!! busy 4 hours!!! luckily everything anyone could ever need is all in one shopping center :-)

Kari said...

YAY for Mike!
Cannot believe the price of kids clothes these days. It's outreagous.

Jewels said...

Holy wow, you did great with the BTS horror shop!! Man, it must be expensive to have a kid.

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