Monday, August 21, 2006

At least some progress......

I've been stagnant lately. I wanted to start the bell sleeved tunic I mentioned on the linked post, got the yarn, etc-but, and it's a big but (not, not a big butt, but)had reservations about using black yarn. I wanted the tunic in black, but maybe, just maybe should have done one in another color first. Why the reservations? This is why. She has more FO's in a week then I have in two months and yes, they are all wearable, fit right, etc. If Bron is having trouble, I don't even want to think about what's gonna happen with me doing it. Even one of her comments mentioned black being a bad choice for that specific pattern. Sigh. I don't have another color on hand to use.

I did finish this:


It was a mystery CAL Andy of Crochet Depot had set up. I never did a pattern that was a mystery and I admit it was a little discerning not knowing what I was making, etc. It's a backscrubber for those who are wondering and the color choice-well, it was what I had on hand-I didn't know it was supposed to me a man's backscrubber. It's this pattern.

I am still working on the blanket-the first one and it's slow going. this is more of a stroller/car seat blanket and I touted it as being able to be completed in an afternoon-which is true, if I actually sat down and crocheted more than a row at a time. It's simple enough, I'm just not into any hooking lately. Too much on my mind, too much running around and too much pressure now that someone is waiting for it (and another one after this one). I've been working on it since Tuesday or Wednesday-not much to show for it either. I also will have to go to Wally World and pick up another skein of Caron Simply Soft in white to have enough for both blankets-no big deal, but Wally World is a whole different direction from how I've been driving and I hate Wally World and well, it's something I have to get and I'm being lazy about it.



Now a slightly weird story, that has me a bit off kilter this AM. Remember when I called the school about 1 1/2 weeks ago freaking out about them losing Elena? Well, I had spoken to the registrar. I was nice to her, but kept trying to get the point across (to someone without children), that losing a child isn't acceptable-no matter what class she was in, etc. Anyway, they changed their procedures now and did an attendance call and then counted the children to make sure it matched up with the count on their attendance sheet, etc. Okay, the lady called me back twice about it and I was nice, etc. My mother brought it up again this weekend and I told her I wasn't going to push things, but I didn't think it was run very well and next year, I would only sign Elena up for the culinary class because I saw how it was run; by a culinary chef and he made sure they washed their hands properly, etc., but the other classes, taught by continuing ed teachers weren't run very well. She mentioned calling back the woman I had spoken to and discussing that with her and I said maybe I would this week, but really was going to let it go. Anyway, I got an email from my mother this AM, apparently the woman (sorry, no names even if I am confusing you) passed away over the weekend, suddenly. She couldn't have been more then 55 and they said it was from past complications of a previous surgery, which I just found out was gastric bypass and it was 3 years ago (the surgery). Complications three years later? Scary stuff. I was shocked because, well I just talked to her. She's been at the college almost 30 years and well, I was a little angry that she couldn't comprehend the "big picture" with losing a kid. Now I feel like crap.

Well, I do have laundry (all those new school clothes), have to run to the lab (Elena is somewhat better, but still having problems and I called the doctor and they want the lab stuff done. I admit, I'm a little worried.


Kari said...

Hey don't feel bad, it's not like you told her to drop dead or go to hell or anything.

Rebecca said...

kari! i'm definitely on the bus for laughing at her comment!

i can see where it makes you feel a bit guilty with your last words to her not being the kindest....but they lost your child!

Jaye said...

1. The bell sleeved tunic is beautiful and Bron is a super-human with superpowers. It's true.

2. The back scrubber turned out nice, I don't see why a woman couldn't use it. What, Mike doesn't like pink & purple? ;)

3. The blanket is coming along nicely. This time of year is tough with all the running around with school that goes on. In another week or so, you'll have plenty of time, don't worry.

4. Aw, that's sad about that woman. I understand why you feel the way you do, but you it isn't your fault.

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