Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday WIP's

Well, it is Wednesday and WIP's are laughable. I am still working on Amy's project, but last night I did pull out the Interweave Crochet to make the espadrilles. I only could find three ply and started with that. The sole came out well, but damn I'll have to frog and double it up and go up a hook size. My sole was flaccid, floppy or any other word you want to call wonky, limp and sad. I wear a size 7-7 1/2 shoe and the large was the right size for me. Today I will work on doubled up jute and a bigger hook. It's a messy job-jute all over me and hard on the hands, but from last nights "test run" the soles are pretty fast. I may even get two things done for the CAL.

Elena's summer program at her school is fantastic-she's happy, loves it. There are about 20 first grader's with her, some she knew and some she didn't. It runs from 8:30 AM til 12:30 PM and is only 2 minutes away-I am so happy to have a little time of quiet. Too bad it's only 3 weeks long. In August, she has the "Kid's College" program, which is about 1/2 hour away (so an hour round trip daily for two weeks, not including parking, walking her to the other side of campus and signing her in daily). I don't know if I'll come home those days or end up hanging out at the college til noon. I would rather come home, but probably won't everyday due to gas prices. My tummy will rule how that goes too.

Well, I am off to do a few little things around here and lose myself in a little crochet for a couple hours.


halfjackd said...

I think it's great that you've got Elena in some summer programs. It'll give you some time to yourself and will hopefully keep her from being bored out of her mind! My parents never did summer camps or anything for us kids and we were always stuck at home doing house repairs with dad or cleaning :P

I tried to comment yesterday, but comments were down. I just wanted to say that I hope the tummy thing gets figured out soon and that you start feeling better (I'm sure you feel that way too!)

Take care!

Jessi said...

I want to do those espadrilles too. I really need to get myself motivated. Gabby has been gone for 4 days with MIL on a vacation up north, but the other 2 are here still. Argh summer vacation!

(ok, I do miss Gabby...!)

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