Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wanted: Cotton Ease Orphan Skeins

I will pay for them and for the shipping.

I am looking for any colors, except Orangeade, pineapple and the minty green one (I have lots of that one). I have several single color skeins, some doubles, but they aren't matching dye lots.

I have decided to make a granny square scrap blanket (kinda like the one in SnB HH) for Elena.
I figure I can work on the squares as a kinda of mindless project and when I have enough, put them together for the blanket. No, I have never done this before, swore I wouldn't, but have this idea in my thick head and it won't leave.

Since Cotton Ease is now discontinued, I thought I would ask here. Doesn't even have to be full skeins, etc.

Email me at yarnsandmusings (at)

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