Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Still on the Short N Sweet. I ended up working 8 additional rows (I prefer my bolero to be longer and past my boobs please). I started on the right side last night. It's going a little slower cause I haven't had a chance just to sit down and work steadily on it.

Hot as heck again today with possible thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow bringing in somewhat cooler weather. You wanna know how hot it is? My neighbor, who had an A/C and took it out last year and went the past two summers without, actually had someone come in and cut a hole in the sidewall and install a unit-you know that means it's very hot cause nothing usually bothers them. They had the A/C and would put it in a window only when his mother came for dinner-weird, I agree, but hey everybody has their quirks.

Elena's at camp this AM (indoors, of course) and then we're home for lunch and then back out to the library for a one man show called "Magic Treehouse", so I doubt any hooking will get done this afternoon.

You wanna read something funny (it's at the expense of the author, of course)-go read Jaye's latest post. Poor thing, she's had a rough month with falls, etc and now she's flashing the neighborhood! She discusses Karma today and I believe! Last week, Elena, who is in the "my daddy is all mine" stage, was giving me a harder than usual time. We have had endless discussions about this, but she still can't help herself (or so she tells me). Anyway, after being a nasty little brat, she punished herself and announced she was going up to her room. I was angry at the time, but knew once she got up there, she would fall asleep and she is the type of child who, if she naps for 5 minutes in the car, is ruined for a nights sleep that night. Anyway, I let her stew up there for five minutes (while I calmed myself down) and called her downstairs. She grumbled and hissed and came stomping down the stairs and what happened? She slipped on the last two stairs and fell. She cried and I comforted her (even though she "doesn't need me") and when the tears were dried and the scraps taken care of she looked at me and I told her "that's Karma baby, get used to it-you throw crap out and it comes right back to you". She harrumphed me, but a few minutes later, did something icky and damn if something didn't happen back to her within the hour. I heard her whisper "karma, baby".

Off to hit the bolero, washing machine, vacuum, dishes....it never, ever ends!


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

"karma, baby." That's so cool, I've resisted using that one on Selma because I know she'll throw it at me as soon as I tell her about it, but maybe you've convinced me it's time ;-)

Jaye said...

Karma isn't funny. Poor Elena ;)

Kathy said...

Poor Elena! My kids were constantly told not to run up and down the steps, and of course they did. Well, one slid down and got rug burns after slipping; and I heard..'God got ya' from their loving sibling.

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