Saturday, July 08, 2006

Single Sock (Updated with pattern link and changes)

I finished late last night and the dork that I am, had to take a pic of it. I used Knit Picks "Dancing" yarn in Ballet. This used a teensy bit over 1/2 a ball, so once the other one is done I'll probably use the leftovers to try and make Elena a pair (after I try out Amy's new pattern).

The yarn can be a bugger cause it's rounded and stretchy, but feels great on and has a great fit. I have another two skeins of this in Jig, so I guess I'll be using it again, just not so soon.

Pattern is Vee Sock For Me Socks by Kimberly Lewis
I've made several pair with this pattern and learned it is better to go down a half size then up a half size-eg. I usually wear a 7 1/2 shoe, so I made the size 7 socks. I also measure the length of the sock as I am doing it and found, although my foot measures 9 1/4" long, I only make the actual sock part 7" long exactly.

I do six rounds of fpds and bpds instead of 5 for a higher cuff and the heel I only do 7 rounds of sc w/decreases and then stitch it up (I have a smallish heel and prefer the look of this)-try it on and see. I did make the mistake of too many rounds once and the heel annoys me because it's too big. I take pretty detailed notes so the mate comes out (hopefully) the same.




Kathy said...

Oh what pretty colors. I still want to give socks another shot. I even bought one ball of sock yarn, just in case I get inspired again after that fit I took when I got rid of all I had.

Sharon said...

Very pretty Deneen. What pattern did you use for this?

Deneen said...

It's Kimberly's Vee-stitch for me socks with an afterthought heel, I'll add it to the post.

The South Bay heel confused me, but I know you could easily use the afterthought heel with it and I may next go round. This is more of an open stitch using a summer weight yarn.

Jewels said...

Geez, I've still NEVER made a pair of socks!! I got one started and finished and started the second one and now I can't find the first one!! Yours look great Deneen - I'll try this pattern out for sure.

Vik said...

Oh Deneen, great work!
I´ve found a pattern to knit socks with 2 simple needles, and I´m glad with them... but comparing them with yours, it´s a shame... ;)

Megan said...

Ooh, I like it, I like it! :)

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