Monday, July 17, 2006

Short N Sweet Update

I am working on the Short N Sweet Bolero from SNBHH and happy with how it is coming out. The stitch pattern looked complicated (to me anyway), but really is quite easy to memorize and you kinda just go along with it.


I'm up to row 13. This only calls for 16 rows, but I think I'll add more. The bottom isn't finished, so I don't know how far I'll go or what the best row number is to stop at, etc. I just want mine a tad longer than the pattern calls for.

To answer all Seaside Espadrille questions, the jute is comfortable on the bottom of my feet. The straps feel terrific, I just wish the bottom sole was thicker and less floppy. I may make another sole and whipstitch it on-I may and/or add a coating of "Saf T Bak" to the bottoms of the soles. Haven't figured it out yet.

As I am sure with all of you, it's hotter than hell and predicted to hit 101 here today. I've been in Nevada at higher than 101 and it wasn't as bad because of the lack of humidity there (although in the direct sun, it was killer and you couldn't walk barefoot on the concrete), but it's humid as all get out here and the heat index is supposed to be another 10 degrees hotter here. Also, heat advisory for today until 8:00 PM tonight-all I know is that at 8:30 this AM, it was already 85. I suspect after I pick Elena up from camp, we'll hang in the house til about 4 and then maybe a quick swim.


DixieRedHead said...

That is looking great! I love the fiery red color. Goes great with the hotter than hell temps too! The pool is up to 92 degrees here! Not cool and refreshing :( I'm actually looking fwd to hurricane season for rain and wind...yikes

Jessica said...

The bolero looks lovely! I may have to try it, though with the heat here, too, having almost any amount of yarn on my lap is hard to do!

Kari said...

Looks great, hot n humid here too and worse tomorrow. Summer is here with a vengence.

Althoguh we DO have a nice breeze today so it won't be too unbearable.
Stay cool!

Jaye said...

Looks great, Deneen, beautiful colour choice. I had the same thought too, that if I made the bolero, I'd make it longer, but for me that's a big if.

It's only supposed to be 94 here today with a heat index of 104, so its finally cooling off a bit. heh.

Priscilla said...

Nice start on the bolero.
Right now it is 70* and 46% humidity, very nice today.

Karen said...

Nice start on the bolero! I got the yarn for this project this weekend. I going to use black cotton fleece by Brown Sheep. What are you using?

Jewels said...

Your pool is definitely a survival tool in that kind of weather!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Looks pretty--keep cool!!

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