Friday, July 14, 2006

Sara's Meme

From Sara

1. What inspires you first? The pattern or the yarn?
Definitely the pattern. Most times I can't afford the yarn they call for, so I end up substituting. Occasionally I will have yarn that I wait to "speak to me", but that's rare.

2. If you are most inspired by pattern, where do you find the most inspiring patterns? Books? Magazines? Other blogs?
Definitely by blogs and by recommendations from others. I will also see stuff on different boards that interest me. There isn't any one magazine or book that I have or have looked at and said "Wow!". True and tested are for me.

3. Are you a member of an “in person” group of knitters/hookers?
What is an "in person" group? I am a member of a few boards-take it however you want.

4. Do you read a pattern all the way through before beginning? I skim it all the way through to make sure I can handle it, but never really read or study it. I check stitches used, yarn used and kinda go from there. And, yes, it's bit me in the ass.

5. What is your gauge swatch record?
I do a loose gauge check-I check gauge, but usually not a swatch-kinda as i go along and if it's off, I start over.

6. What level do you consider yourself? Intermediate on some levels (I'm okay at shaping, putting clothes together, etc. I suck at new stitches, etc and have to practice and reread-ugh. No retention.

7. Do you have any favorite color combinations? Of course I do-turquoise, deep pink, purple; shadings of blue; I like variagated colors. Basically any jewel tones-dislike pastels.


jess said...

I do the same thing with patterns. :) It's bit me in the ass too. Heh.

ladylinoleum said...

I think you're an advanced crocheter. Just because you have to work at getting new stitches right doesn't mean squat. I have to do that too. You're definitely playing in the big leagues, imho.

ladylinoleum said...

Oh and I never read patterns before beginning. I just jump off the bridge and the landing takes care of itself. Wooo hooo!

Sara said...

I agree with Regina. I think you are "established" Everything I've seen of yours looks fabulous.

Faye said...

I, too, think that you are an "advanced crocheter". ;)
Your work is fantastic.

Deneen said...

You are all way too kind-really. Sometimes the easiest pattern make me bang my head into the wall-the whole "concept" thing is sometimes hard for me to grasp and anything that even looks a little complicated, I tend to avoid.

Faye said...

When I first started crocheting I could crochet my butt off making doilies but it took me forever to learn to make a granny square :0

I never look at the skill level of a pattern. I just take it one stitch at a time, one row at a time.
If a pattern isn't working for me I change it until it does work. All pattern writer's don't know what they're doing. Some give too much information, other's don't give enough.
Also some one the most complicated looking pattern's that I have done have been the easiest.

Jaye said...

I'd have to agree that you're advanced. You're not giving yourself enough credit.

As for: “in person” group of knitters/hookers - I think this means a member of a guild or SnB, maybe? That's the way I'm reading it, anyway.

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