Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Rare Sunday Post

This is rare for me to post on Sunday, but we seem to be hanging out (and in) today. It's supposed to be hot as all the next 3-4 days, which is okay, but the humidity comes with it. I think Tuesday is supposed to hit almost 100 with high humidity, so the garage cleaning planned for today has been tossed to the wayside. We'll swim a little, but the pool temp is now up to 86, which feels good when it's 100-but is still kinda warmish for me (spoiled, aren't I).

I was so happy to finish the espadrilles yesterday and I must have started 4 patterns since and not one panned out the way I wanted-One was too boring, one was fin-but the yarn annoyed the heck out of me, the other pattern made me stop and I over analyzed it (again), so I put that aside and I finally ended up starting the SnB Short N Sweet last night at 11:00 PM-I ended up in such a groove, I hooked and hooked til about 1:00 AM and then went to bed. The pattern is much easier than it looks, but the corrections on it are a bit much. Granted it's only a ch 2 here and there and it kinda comes to you as you are doing it anyway, but still-the correction sheet has it printed to the place for the correction and then it says "refer back to pattern", which is a PIA cause they just could have done the whole row instead of making me look from a photocopy to the book, to the stitches, etc. It's fine when I have no interruptions (like last night), but I picked it up this AM and between someone telling me about an article in the paper and someone else discussing various Looney Tunes characters, I lost my groove and put it down. I'm using TLC Cotton Plus in Salsa (the color is okay-I bought it off of eBay for about $2 a skein including shipping-and I bought the six skein lot). I like using this yarn a lot and will have to get more, but only AC Moore carries it around here and their color choices have been pastel pink, pastel blue, mint green (you get the picture). I wanna get some in black and some in some darker colors. I wanted to make this in Sinfonia, but it's only carried at Hobby Lobby and now Crafts Etc (the HL online store) no longer carries it. I even contacted the La Espiga in Mexico and in halting Spanish inquired (yes, the website is in Spanish). I guess I can get it, but have to pay duties, special shipping from Mexico, etc. That makes it go from a reasonable alternative to a pricey endeavor-I can have pricey endeavors right here in the US (LOL).

Anyway, today is a lazy day and Elena has camp in the AM tomorrow (woo-hoo!). BTW, the had a blast at work with Mike on Friday and they didn't get home til 9:00 PM. Apparently, one of the girls in Mike's office brought her two sons in and they all watched Harry Potter on the 32" hanging computer screen in the office, complete with popcorn and Icee's. Then Elena did some workbooks, they stopped at a friends daughter's softball game on the way home and ate corndogs and had more Icee's and then came home. Elena wants to go back this Friday-which is cool (Mike's boss is in India and China for 3 weeks), but Mike will have to see. I have the "procedure" on Thursday and the fast/prep (which is way worse IMHO), Wednesday, so it should be a quiet week here.

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Jaye said...

Short N Sweet is such a cute jacket, I'll bet yours turns out great. I've seen so many people talk about TLC Cotton Plus but I've yet to come across it around here.

Try to keep cool, it's supposed to hit 100 here today - ugh. Of course the pool is dirty and there will be no one around to clean it other than me. Figures.

Have a good Sunday!

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