Friday, July 14, 2006

Quiet Friday!

I am so darn ecstatic-Mike decided last night to bring Elena into work with him today. Now, he's not working all day with her there, but what a cool break for me. Plan? No, lots of cleaning, straightening, maybe a pool cleaning, etc., but just quiet. Bummer Aunt Flo came this AM for a visit, but such is life and I'll take the quiet when I can.

Crochet-the espadrilles. Oy, the tops have a stitch pattern that is only conducive to yarn where you can see the exact stitches, etc. I hate the stitch pattern-well, hate may be a strong word, but it's annoying me and my concentration has been zilch. After goofing around with it off and on yesterday, playing with different yarns, etc., I came up with a basic simple pattern, which I worked up last night. Unfortunately, it was a bit more narrow than I wanted, but it did help me in rewriting the top to try today. I did the test top in the Rowan Calmer, which is so nice and soft (75% cotton/25% microfiber-which is their haughty way of renaming acrylic), but may stretch too much. The Carnival I wanted to use had too many thick areas to make it smooth and I may use some handspun Kimberly sent me from a swap ages ago-yes, I think I may end up using wool-we shall see. The soles were easy (except for the hand abuse and the jute poop all over), finding the right yarn for the top-PIA. I am having head up my ass syndrome again and even the basic stitches and counts are getting lost in my head (oaky, it does not help that Harry Potter has been on continiously as I hook or that Elena is non-stop "Mom, mom, what's 18 minus 7? Do ya know? Okay, how about 11-8, well????". Maybe I can finish them today since I have the time, just had planned lots of cleaning/straightening stuff and general "I don't have anywhere to go, so I can do what I want, when I want to" stuff.

Well, I feel as if I accomplished one thing already-my Foodie Friday post-which is way more than last week.

I'm off.........


Kari said...

yay for days of quiet!
and I just have to:

she said "jute poop"

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Dude--Kari stole my comment--I'm still giggling about the "jute poop!"

Jaye said...

Yay for quite days, huh?

Glad you had a productive day, Deneen.

And yes, "jute poop" very funny. hehe!

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