Monday, July 03, 2006

More Mail Goodies

Apparently, I won a blog contest (I don't remember which one) and received a prize package/RAOK package in the mail today.



Yes, it was ginormous and filled with all kinds of fiber and non-fiber goodies. Some Sinfonia, some #3 type thread, some Peace Fleece, some copper wire and beads, snackaroos, a DVD for E, erotica (4 books), a nice card and my fav part, a handmade copper/beaded bracelet.

Thank you!


DixieRedHead said...

if you use all those goodies at the same time, that could get.....kinky. HeH.

Vera said...

Great goodies!

Mimi said...

Lucky you! Incidentally, I'm currently adding the finishing touch to my little surprise for you ;)

Kimberly said...

What a nice package in the mail!!

Jewels said...

Lovely gift package!! Is the erotica by chance Anne Roquelare's Sleeping Beauty series?

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