Thursday, July 20, 2006

Middle-Age Sucks!

It's official, in my mind anyway, I have hit middle age. I knew it last year, but didn't feel middle-aged (I guess having a 6 1/2 year old helps that), but dammit my body says differently.

The "procedure" went fine, the prep sucks major big time and I have been sleeping and sick all afternoon today. Apparently, they inflate you with a lot of air-TMI for now. Anyway, I have diverticulosis and will continue with the high fiber diet! Woo-hoo-middle age is here!

Onto other news, I am frogging the Short N Sweet. If you are planning on making the small or medium size, go for it-the large and extra-large have a repeat in the pattern that won't work out shell-wise-try as I may. I'm going to make something from Donna's patterns-tried and true!

Gotta run, too tired to think now....


Wendy said...

I found a cereal at the store last week that had 10 grams of fiber in it. It is the highest I have seen in cereal. It is Nature's Path Optimum

I have been trying to eat higher in fiber and more fruits and vegetables, also.

Bummer about the diagnosis, but I am sure you are happy they figured it out. It sounds like it is something you can manage and get better and hopefully not something that will require surgery. I hope all that fiber helps you soon.

Age is relative, we can't control it, only enjoy it. :)

Kathy said...

{{hugs}} I know it sucks getting old...but we just have to live with it. I like my Benefiber tablets. The powder is also good, used to put in my daily cup of coffee and stir well...never noticed it.

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow; this stupid tropical storm should be past by then and hopefully we'll feel more human again.

Natalie said...

It is a sucky thing to have; I'm glad they caught it before it got to the "itis" stage. Hopefully with the right diet you won't notice it at all.

Plain old raisin bran also has lots of fiber in it, BTW.

Jewels said...

oh geez, one more thing you don't need. At least they found out right away, no more guess-diagnosing, right? High fiber is healthy at least, and good food.

Jessica said...

At least you have an answer! What a relief!

My favorite high-fiber foods: tofu, leafy greens (kale, swiss chard, etc), a really good multi-grain bread, and brown rice. In fact, all three of those together are really good. :)

I'm so glad they found an answer, but sorry you feel so, um, crappy. ;-)

Gina said...


Trying is always the fun part!!!!

halfjackd said...

Sorry you're feeling so rotten right now...hopefully you'll be feeling better by the time you read this!


Kari said...

Laying in bed last night I was thinking that getting older sucks ass. I really do try not to think about it.

At least you know the answer though.

Jessi said...

Ah....that really does suck about the high fiber diet, and about the short n sweet. Make that new pattern from Donna, that one looks so cute! *hugs*

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