Friday, July 07, 2006

It's all good

My appointment at the rheumy went great. The lab work I had last month was almost perfect (platelet count still a bit high, but nothing alarming and I'll follow up with lab work in a few months). The good news is that, for the first time in about 7 years, my white blood count is absolutely normal. Apparently the gallbladder infection was bad for a long time. I still feel like crap stomach wise and blame the gallbladder surgery, but it was infected and I guess it had to go. I'm seeing a GI on Monday for it anyway. The rheumy thinks I may have some type of pancreatitis from the steroid use, etc and that may cause the stomach problems too, but I'll discuss it with the GI on Monday. I am not getting scoped in any way, shape or form, so we'll see how that goes. My chiro suggested a nutritionist, but for now I am sick of doctors, health care professionals and the like and after the GI appointment, taking a doctor break. I don't have to see the rheumy now for 4 more months. She was impressed with my weight loss, which was only 3 more lbs since my last visit, but apparently it shows much more now.

I finally remembered to mention to her the metals/mercury well water stuff and she got all excited. She thinks it's a plausible thing because of where I live, my sometimes positive/sometimes negative ANA test and the fact that I don't have any arthritic changes in my bones. My bone scans are perfect, despite being on steroids off and on for the past five years. She also told me that you can absorb the metals into your skin with repeated exposure and that you don't have to drink the water to get sick. Of course, I have to see my primary because she has no clue what tests to order and, if positive, I would have to see an epididimologist (I am sure I spelled that wrong), but we'll cross that bridge if we need to. As for the vascular problem, she doesn't feel it's steroid related because it is in one spot and not in several and steroid use usually affects the area of the heart, not the foot-so I still have to see the vascular guy. Hopefully, I'll just need aspirin.

I did get to Kohl's and found a pair of gauchos, denim capris, shorts, 2 tanks and 2 tees, all for $63-not bad. I also realized that juniors sizes fit me much better than womens. All the stuff was from the junior department and a lot of trying on went on because some of the shit is too damn youthful for me. Heck, they had a denim skirt that I swear was 1" below my butt cheeks. Even when I was young and really tiny (size 0 to 1/2) I wouldn't have worn it. I think my husband was just as excited as I was about the weight loss cause he kept picking out stuff and bringing it back to the fitting room, although he bitched a bit about all the money I have spent on clothes in the past two weeks-but I needed clothes for the trip and nothing I had here fit anymore. He's dreading the fall because we have to school shop for Elena and get me clothes because the jeans I have are all way too big. Of course, I'll keep them cause if I go back on steroids, I'll need em. Now I am petrified of gaining any weight since I bought a bunch of new clothes, but I really hadn't bought new clothes for summer in two or three years (yeah, pathetic aren't I?), but I hated shopping and really didn't care for around here.

Anyway, after typing this up and reading it, I guess it's not that great, but compared to how things were, it's fantastic and I'll take it.

Ooh, and I almost finished sock one I started this AM-so it's all good!


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Glad you're feeling good--can't wait to see that sock!

Wendy said...

Yeah well that is just the best news, weightloss and all! I am glad to hear that in the health department things are better. I bet your husband is thrilled, too. $60 bucks is nothing for clothes just remind your husband how much of a great deal shopper you are, where some women would spend over $100 on one pair of pants and not even blink.

btw-I finished one of your socks last weekend and am to the heel of the second sock. Maybe I will finish it this weekend? I am kind of slow.

Kathy said...

The best news is you're OFF the steriods. I know it's slow progress, but it IS progress, and I think it's great.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear everything went so well, Deneen!

As for the nutritionist, they're fun to go to - you get to talk about food, not sickness. :)

Stacey said...

Yay for being off the steroids!

That sock is extremely cute (I am too lazy to pull up the comments form for the other post). Is that the South Bay pattern you mentioned you were using or something else?

Pam said...

Hooray for good news!

Jessi said...

I love Kohls. Really. I think they have the best sales and I love their clothes. You deserve the new clothes :)

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